Dominic Thiem’s Australian Open Participation in Jeopardy as Showcased on the Latest Entry List Update

Published 12/06/2023, 6:19 AM EST

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The Australian Open is on the line and the players have started gearing themselves up as they look ahead to one of the biggest tournaments at the start of the year. While major big-name players will be featured on the list, the tournament will promise mouth-watering action and non-stop madness. However, amidst the hustle and bustle, there are a few names that have failed to make it through to the main round and Dominic Thiem is one among them.

After making his return to the sport from injury, the Austrian sensation was looking to take the world by storm. However, recent revelation suggests that his journey to the top in Australia could end even before the start of the tournament. As things stand, Thiem’s chances of making it through to the main draw will solely depend on others.

Dominic Thiem’s Australian Open qualification hangs by a thread


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The recent Australian Open entry list unveiled a lineup featuring five Italian players in the main draw. Thus, Italians will be one of the major participants in the tournament. While the recent list released had some major stars who will be competing in Australia, it showed the absence of Austrian sensation, Dominic Thiem. The Austrian international currently holds the 98th spot in the ATP ranking.

However, the direct entry to the main draw of the Australian Open is only limited to the 97th rank in the ATP rankings. Thus, this has put his position in jeopardy. Thereby, he becomes the first alternate to feature in the Australian Open, should any player withdraw from the tournament.


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Thus, with entry to the main draw secured only until the 97th rank, Thiem stands on the edge, awaiting a potential opportunity if any of the primary entrants withdraw. Now, it will be crucial to see how things fold for him. Only time will reveal this.

While Dominic Thiem’s hope of making it through to the next round hangs by a thread, many players have already secured their qualification into the main draw despite being lower in the rankings, thanks to the protected ranking card.


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Players below Dominic Thiem in the rankings who have secured their place in the main draw of the Australian Open

While Dominic Thiem might depend on his luck to secure a place in the main draw, some players have secured their way into the main draw despite being lower in the rankings. This is all because of the protected ranking card. This card is a special card that is offered to the players who are coming into the tournament after a long injury.

As it stands, Rafael Nadal, Marin Cilic, Denis Shapovalov, and Milos Raonic are using the cards to ensure their participation in the main draw at the Australian Open. While Marin Cilic ranks currently at 666, Shapovalov holds the 109th spot in the ATP ranking. His compatriot Raonic is 318th in the rankings and Rafel Nadal holds the 664th spot.


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Thus, these are some names that will be making their way through to the main round despite being much lower in the ATP rankings. Dominic Thiem however, will be looking for a ray of hope that could secure his qualification into the Australian Open this year.

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