The sport that has existed for over 50 years has just taken over the world. Pickleball is a sport that has gained popularity in recent times. The sport has major tennis players investing. But even players of other sports are investing in it. However, they aren’t only investing, they are also gearing up to play. John McEnroe, Andy Roddick, Michael Chang and Andre Agassi are some of the few major former tennis players who will participate in it. A Pickleball slam, akin to a grand slam, will be held soon. The four will compete and are training hard for it, the way they would train for tennis.

The support for the expansion of the sport is not ubiquitous though. Martina Navratilova was someone who spoke against the sport. She talked about Pickleball players wanting to take over tennis courts to play the sport. She was outraged and said that they should build their own courts.

However, before the Pickleball slam, Roddick’s wife had some banter with the American tennis player.


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Tennis Veterans bringing the heat

John McEnroe, Andy Roddick, Michael Chang and Andre Agassi are all gearing up for the Pickleball slam. Chang and McEnroe will face Agassi and Roddick in the slam. The four have shown their prowess in tennis in their prime, now they will show their skills in another racket sport. The four are training hard and working hard to promote the sport.

Brooklyn Decker is someone who has said that the four are working hard for their eventual match. She shared an Instagram story about the status of the training.

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In the story, she shared a post of Pickleball Slam’s official Instagram account which had Andy Roddick talking about the tournament. She captioned the story, “PS – Don’t let these dudes fool you. They’ve been training VERY hard for this.


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Andy Roddick has a joke with his compatriot about Pickleball

Andy Roddick is a fan of Pickleball. He has stated so quite a few times. One time, a fan posted a video of a Pickleball match and Roddick’s friend, Mardy Fish, called it boring.

Roddick tried to defend the sport by saying, “People don’t watch sports to see something they can do. They wanna see Steph shoot from 29 ft or someone throw it 70 yards downfield.”


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People are looking forward to seeing the four play again, whatever the sport may be. Who would you put money on? Let us know in the comments.