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Emotional Roger Federer Reduced to Tears in Surprise Appearance at Zurich Concert

Published 11/21/2023, 5:44 AM EST

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In the world of tennis, Swiss legend Roger Federer is an absolute fan favorite not only for his incredible career but also for his emotional restraint on the court. However, this changed when he, along with his archrival Rafael Nadal, moved fans by shedding tears together in last year’s emotional Laver Cup. Now, in a completely different setting, Federer was again moved to tears after he made a rare appearance at a concert in Zurich.

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Of late, Federer has been indulging in his love for music by attending concerts. Earlier this year, he attended a ‘Coldplay’ concert where he was invited by the band to perform alongside them.  Something along the same lines happened again but this time in a stadium filled with thousands of fans, the world got to witness a very rare side of the Swiss great.

Why was Roger Federer moved to tears?


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The concert in Zurich was purely breathtaking, with the famous Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli putting on a sensational performance. Bocelli is a world-renowned Italian musician, who lost his vision completely at the age of 12. Despite suffering a disadvantage early in life, he quickly established himself as one of the leading musicians, selling over 75 million records worldwide to date. Considering the incredible achievements of Bocelli, it is no wonder that Federer is a fan of his work.

As Bocelli was performing the closing number in a packed stadium, he paid tribute to Roger Federer. Bocelli dedicated his performance to the Swiss Maestro after inviting him onto the stage. Surprisingly, the kind gesture from the musician moved him to tears. As Bocelli sang his heart out on the stage, Federer was seen shedding tears alongside him. At the end of the concert, both Federer and Bocelli exchanged warm hugs. Considering the surprising turn of events, all throughout the musician’s incredible performance, the stunned crowd continued to show their support to a visibly emotional Federer.


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Although the world got to witness a rare side of the Swiss Maestro in a surprise appearance, this is not the first time that Federer has attended a live music concert. He is a big music enthusiast and has been to some iconic concerts this year. One among them was the one where the popular band ‘Coldplay’ invited Federer to perform with them!

Federer sings alongside ‘Coldplay’ during a concert earlier this year

Earlier in July this year, the people of Switzerland were graced by the presence of the popular band ‘Coldplay’. However, what was more stunning was the rare presence of the 20-time grand slam winner in the arena. Now, this is where things took a surprising turn!


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Acknowledging Federer’s presence in the crowd, out of the blue, the band invited him to join them and put up a memorable performance at the concert. This was something that many did not expect to happen. While the crowd jumped up in joy, the Swiss great showcased how he was equally talented with a musical instrument in hand as he was with a racket.


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Thus, Roger Federer, at both Coldplay’s and Bocelli’s concerts, showed how he has two sides to his love for music. While Coldplay brought out the otherwise unknown musical talents of the Swiss Maestro, Bocelli managed to strike a chord with the heartstrings of the legend. Considering his love for music, this won’t be the last time that we see Roger Federer at a concert.

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