‘Hamstring My A**’ – ‘Bitter Af’ Alex de Minaur Fuels Fresh Debate Among Tennis Fans Surrounding Novak Djokovic’s ‘Fake’ Australian Open Injury Controversy

Published 01/23/2023, 8:22 AM EST
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Alex de Minaur suffered a brutal loss against Novak Djokovic in the fourth round of the Australian Open. Novak won the pass to the quarter-finals and shocked the tennis world. Recently, he has been talking about a serious hamstring injury that appears to get worse with every game. However, his brilliant performance on the court has raised doubts about the credibility of the injury. In his post-match interview, De Minaur was asked about his stance on this debacle.

The Australian player did not give a direct reply but sure did hint at the allegations that claim Djokovic is faking the injury. According to Alex, Djokovic’s hamstring looked “good”. He also made sarcastic comments during his reply to which the tennis community has reacted on Twitter. The negative reactions to this comment from Djokovic’s fans and the support for this comment from the other part of the tennis community have made this issue more confusing than ever.


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Alex De Minaur fans will not let Novak Djokovic live it down

In a tweet by ‘Olly_Tennis_’, fans have not been shy at all to express their candid opinions about Djokovic’s injury.

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While some have called Alex a sore loser, the majority of the comments side with him, accusing Nole of faking the hamstring injury since Adelaide.

Some tennis fans have questioned the credibility of the people who thought that Novak’s injury was indeed real. In their opinion, these people must be new to tennis.

Fans have put their reactions as bluntly as possible about Novak’s injury. Some have also resorted to derogatory language against World No 5.

Fans have expressed their comments through sarcasm too. A fan pointed out that if Nole’s injury is really as bad as he claims it, why haven’t the talks of his retirement come along already?

Another tennis enthusiast is sure that if a newbie watched Nole’s performance today, they would have said that he is indeed perfectly fine judging by his brilliant performance.

On the other hand, Djokovic fans have shown their loyalty and belief in their idol and defended him calling Alex the sore loser.


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Whatever the actualities may be, the tennis world sure has found a raging controversy to hype up the Australian Open 2023 more than ever!

Boris Becker on Djokovic’s injury

Recently, Djokovic’s former coach Boris Becker spoke to Eurosport about the Serb’s injury. In Becker’s opinion, there is nothing fake about it. Having coached Djokovic for three years, he claims that Novak would never lie about something.


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He even went so far as to state how Novak’s performance is now based on priority shots rather than accumulating both small and big points. Due to the injury, as Becker claims, Novak is giving his all for the scoring shots and taking it easy on the minor ones.

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