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The world of tennis is known for the high value of integrity that the authorities ensure to regulate the tournaments across the globe. But sometimes, the loopholes in the strong system emerge when players raise their voices against issues. Recently, Novak Djokovic came forward with his strong call against the irrelevant conditions of the dope test norms.

As the Davis Cup continues to bring in the action that the fans waited for, Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic’s determination seems to have faced a distortion because of a recent unexpected incident. While the tennis legend slammed the authorities by raising a strong voice against the irrelevant dope test norms, an unexpected name made a surprise entry and added weight to Djokovic’s side.

WTA star adds her experience as Novak Djokovic raises voice against dope test norms


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In an unexpected turn of events, tennis star Novak Djokovic faced a doping control test just moments before the Serbia vs. Great Britain Davis Cup match. Expressing frustration, Djokovic highlighted the disruption caused by the interference of doping agencies in his pre-match routine, impacting his focus and mental preparation.

Adding another strike of ignition to the controversy, WTA star Nata Vikhlyantseva shared her own experience, recalling a doping test incident during the St. Petersburg WTA in 2018. With the help of a retweet over the situation, she mentioned, “I remember during St. Petersburg WTA in 2018 before my match doping officers came at 6 am to my hotel room. I tried to convince them that it’s my match day and they can’t bother me before match, but decided to pass doping test. Supervisor told me that it was against rules.”

The WTA star’s comment added more value to the incident as the act of bothering players right before a crucial match is a concern that only the players can understand and relate to. As this happened, the incident raised questions about the practicality and fairness of doping tests, particularly when they coincide with athletes’ pre-game routines.

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However, this isn’t the first time that Djokovic has come forward with his denial over the dope test norms.

A recent incident traced down to a similar one in 2013

As fans presented their shocked responses over the headlines about Novak Djokovic’s surprise doping test, the incident was traced back to a similar moment in the Serbian tennis star’s professional history. In 2013, Djokovic, along with another Serbian star Viktor Troicki, came forward with strong objections to tennis’ anti-doping procedures.


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Back then, Troicki faced a ban that lasted for a year. The ban was imposed for missing a drug test and therefore, he expressed feeling unjustly treated, comparing the experience to being treated “like a criminal.” Djokovic stood by his co-player to criticize the system as he referred to it as “ridiculous” and ineffective, stating, “I don’t have trust in them anymore. I don’t have trust in what’s going on.”


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This incident that happened in the past and the one that took place recently depicts the Serbian tennis legend’s prolonged denial of the dope test norms. As the recent controversy came out as a shock for the fans, it has currently raised mixed voices of denials and support towards what the legendary player stood against. As the controversy continues, fans look forward to seeing if the authorities consider the concern or stick to their decisions.

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