How Much Does Taylor Fritz’s Girlfriend Morgan Riddle Earn via Social Media? Staggering Five Digit Figure Per Instagram Post Revealed by Wag Queen

Published 03/08/2024, 11:57 PM EST

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American tennis star Taylor Fritz‘s girlfriend Morgan Riddle has already made a significant name in the tennis fraternity. This is because her social media posts give fans inside details of the glamorous lives of the tennis stars. It also brought behind-the-scenes of the prestigious tournaments. From sharing her suggestion to recreate the look of Princess Diana in Wimbledon to cheering for her partner, Riddle is nothing less than a social media sensation for tennis fans. But, is she getting paid for this? If yes, then how much?

This one question has stuck with her fans which asks whether social media pays Riddle well enough to continue with her objectives. Now in a recent conversation, Morgan Riddle delves deeper to answer this question.

“I live a much more strange and extravagant lifestyle” – Taylor Fritz’s girlfriend Morgan Riddle opened up about her life


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In a recent interview, Taylor Fritz’s famous social media buzz girlfriend was asked to comment on her earnings. From her response, fans got to know that since Riddle is a freelance social media enthusiast, she doesn’t have any fixed income. In fact, Riddle further told fans that her income varies because of the different companies and changes each month. However, to satisfy her fans’ curiosities, Riddle answered that she receives more than $10,000 typically for a social media post.


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Morgan Riddle spoke about how her humble family background helped her to stay on the ground and achieve her dreams. Riddle believes her childhood was “very modestly and of a very humble, Lutheran Minnesota background.”  It helped her to never lose her touch with the ground reality. Morgan Riddle’s father was a writer, whereas her mother worked in the nonprofit sector. It showed that Riddle came from a middle-class family with a humble upbringing.

This famous TikToker further said- “Obviously, now I live a much more strange and extravagant lifestyle, because of my relationship. It’s definitely different. But I don’t feel that it’s changed me [pausing momentarily] — much.” 

This is not the first time Riddle delved deeper into her upbringing. Previously also she spoke about her independent childhood that inspired her career later.


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Got my first city bus card when I was 13″ – Morgan Riddle’s childhood has helped her to become what she is now

Previously, Riddle was asked about when she started doing things on her own, and in her response, she said- “When I was in 6th grade I started doing the grocery shopping – my mom would leave $ on the counter and I’d walk a mile to to co-op. Got my first city bus card when I was 13 and would adventure around minneapolis. I have always been pretty independent!” 

Since Riddle’s parents were divorced when she was very young, she learned to do her things independently and in her own way. This social media sensation further said- “Going through a divorce as a kid and having to adjust to a new normal wasn’t easy, but it taught me to be self-sufficient and resilient from a very young age,” 


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Morgan Riddle’s statement about her income represented that hard work always pays off well. The way she worked hard to make tennis popular among people, makes her a deserving name in the fraternity.

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