Andy Roddick, the former American World No.1 tennis player shared views about his sponsorship deals. After Roddick signed a five-year contract with Reebok in 2000, the company had set to work designing a look that reflected the young, brash, and powerful personality of the rising star.

Andy Roddick at the age of 18 years, started playing tennis professionally. Roddick was a Reebok athlete from 2000 to 2005. He signed a five-year, $25 million endorsement deal with Lacoste in 2005 after Reebok declared it would not renew its contract with him. In an interview, he highlighted his debacle with Reebok.


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Andy Roddick shares his trial with the famous clothing-shoe-brand

In 2000, the International Reebok Ltd, the company that makes athletic shoes, clothing, and accessories; had signed Roddick as their spokesperson. However, only two years after taking home his major title at the US Open, Reebok decided to part ways with the Americans. Roddick,  the rising tennis star with a fearful serve that travels at 140 mph, was daring with his Reebok fashion choices. He regularly wore Reebok-designed shoes and trucker hats, with his famous spiked hair.

In an exclusive interview, he was quoted as “ I was with Reebok and I wore that right through 2004. We had a deal in place where we were gonna extend that relationship. I think I was No. 2 in the world. It was early 2005.” Throughout 13 seasons, tennis fans adored Roddick, who possessed talent, wit, and star power.

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Roddick further put in,” we kind of had a handshake deal on extending that relationship. And then it kind of went cold out of nowhere. And I didn’t know what the deal was. In April I didn’t have a shoe and clothing deal anymore.” He explained how it was a weird position to be in when he was No. 2 in the world.

He further shared that he didn’t know about the merger between Reebok and Adidas. Adidas was acquiring Reebok they didn’t want to take on any new long-term contracts. Roddick added, “We were able to get a deal done with Lacoste pretty quickly. So I was pretty lucky. Most deals take six months or a year to get together. This one was done start to finish in about 10 days.”


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Roddick’s foundation helps the community

Roddick’s foundation provided emergency funding to numerous families during the pandemic. Like other tennis greats, Roddick has successfully followed the path of giving back to society. He established his foundation in 2000 to help young children in Austin. ARF raised millions of dollars to better the lives of families and children.

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ARF has paved the way to give kids and families genuine opportunities. The non-profit organization supports early childhood education in addition to superior after-school programs and other crucial activities for kids with low financial resources.

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