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‘I Had to Contend With So Much’ – Hollywood Star and Andre Agassi’s Ex-wife Brooke Shields’ Bold Reflection Upon Her Life After Glaring Obstacles

Published 03/26/2023, 3:01 PM EDT

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Brooke Shields, the ex-wife of Andre Agassi, is a famous actress, and a renowned figure in the world of entertainment. Shields has acted in several roles that had people claiming her as their favorite actress. However, the behind-the-scenes of her life were not as charming as many people would think. Shields has had to go through several traumatic experiences, particularly when she was a minor. Her life was covered in an upcoming documentary, Pretty Baby.

Brooke Shields stepped into the field of fashion and entertainment at the age of 11 months. The renowned actress was forced to partake in several activities that would cause immense outrage today.

Andre Agassi’s ex-wife opened up about her troubling childhood


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Brooke Shields is an actress who first stepped on to the limelight in 1978 via the movie Pretty Baby. Shields played a child prostitute in the movie, a highly problematic role for a 13-year-old.

Recently, a documentary on Shields’ life was announced. The name of the documentary is the same as her first movie, Pretty Baby. The documentary will cover all aspects of her life, from childhood to her late 30s. In the documentary Shields discusses her problematic life as a sexualized child actress and her marriage to the tennis legend Andre Agassi.


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Shields talked about how the movie made her reconsider her past. As per her, she was proud of the fact she stood strong during troubled times. While talking about the documentary, she said, “It made me look at what kind of person I am and to give myself a little credit. I had to contend with so much at such an early age. Now I can look at that little girl and think, ‘She did it, she pulled through.’”


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Brooke Shields on marriage with Andre Agassi

In the documentary, Shields also covered her marriage to the tennis star Andre Agassi. They married in 1997 and divorced just two years later. According to Shields, Agassi was a highly controlling husband. The circumstances of her marriage reminded her of her mother. She had heard how one tends to marry someone like the parent of the opposite sex. But Shields had gone into a marriage with someone as controlling as her mother.


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The documentary is something many are waiting for. People want an inside look at how Shields worked through her traumatic life and became the icon she is today.



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