“I’m a Proponent for Best of Three Matches”: Novak Djokovic Contradicts Rafael Nadal

November 16, 2020 11:17 pm

A spirited debate has been going on over whether Grand Slam events should be decided in three sets, just like it is with tour tournaments. The matter gained immense momentum after players and experts expressed different opinions on the same. While some want to stick to the tradition and continue with five-setters, others argue that three-setters are better as they consume less time. Recently, World No. 1 Novak Djokovic also made his stance on the same known, and his views are contradictory to that of his arch-nemesis Rafael Nadal.

“I’m more of a proponent for two out of three matches everywhere. Even though the Grand Slams have a long tradition and history… I am not sure if there is a chance to change that. But yeah, I am a proponent for best of three matches,” said Djokovic in the post-match interview.

Although Djokovic respects the culture and tradition of the Slams, he clearly indicated that he was in support of three-setters everywhere, even at Grand Slam events. He also acknowledged that such a change might never come about, but he wouldn’t mind if it did.

Earlier, World No. 2 Rafael Nadal had opined in favor of five-setters for the Majors. Rafa said that players may have an off day there and so it’s better to have best-of-five ties to separate the Slams from other tour tournaments.

Novak Djokovic puts forward his arguments for best of three matches

Serbia’s Novak Djokovic poses with the ATP Tour Number 1 trophy Action Images via Reuters/Paul Childs

Despite having great success at the Slams, Djoker is not averse to the idea of the best of three format. The 17-time Grand Slam winner explained his reasons for the same.

Djokovic argued that young people may not necessarily have the attention span to be consistent enough throughout the tennis season. This is a problem according to him, since the tennis season is one of the longest ones in sports.

The World No. 1 also said that this topic hasn’t really been addressed since at 61 years old, the average age of people watching tennis is too high.

Djokovic has definitely communicated his message that it is time to re-think certain aspects of the sport. Though his views are different from that of Rafa, they do open a new area of discussion. However, the Slams’ organizations or the ATP have not said anything officially on the matter as of now.

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