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Italian ATP Sensation Gets Royally Snubbed for Novak Djokovic as Ex-rival Makes Bold Statement

Published 11/20/2023, 5:18 PM EST

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In tennis, more than any other sport, rivalries rarely go beyond the court. Despite being on the wrong end of the result on multiple occasions while battling Novak Djokovic, former French tennis star Jo-Wilfried Tsonga recently showcased his admiration for the Serbian legend. During an “Ask Me Anything” series on his Instagram, the French veteran was giving out replies to some intriguing fan questions. However, the mood turned real quick when he was asked a serious question in light of the recent ATP Finals. Yet, Tsonga did not back down and answered the question quite candidly.

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Tsonga has faced the World’s No.1 Novak Djokovic quite a few times. The French star knows his Serbian on-court rival quite well. So, what came next after the question wasn’t surprising for fans. 

Tsonga’s allegiance for Novak Djokovic shines


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Tennis loyalties are quite unpredictable. Tsonga recently shed light on his allegiance when questioned about his preference between two formidable opponents, Sinner and Djokovic. The atmosphere took a serious turn during Tsong’s Instagram “ask me anything” session, as the questions steered the conversation toward the recent ATP Finals. 

via Reuters

Tsonga’s words reflected a deep understanding forged over years of interaction. He wrote: “I’m more from the djoko school for having worked with him for many years.” This admission hinted at a connection beyond the court. Tsonga continued his endorsement by emphasizing Djokovic’s exceptional prowess. In his words: “I think he is the most complete player on the circuit. He is the one who has the most weapons to his credit.” Tsonga’s admiration for Djokovic’s multifaceted skill set extended beyond mere rivalry.


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Tsonga concluded his response with: “And he has again demonstrated this year that the level at which he is evolving has not yet been reached.” This closing statement underscored Djokovic’s enduring dominance. It also left tennis enthusiasts with a compelling insight into Tsonga’s perception. 


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A dual dance of friendship and rivalry

Within the corridors of tennis history, the dynamic between Djokovic and Tsonga unfolds as a captivating tale of friendship. However, it is also entwined with the fierce spirit of competition. As adversaries on the court, the duo has engaged in many thrilling battles. Over the course of his career, he met the Djoker a whopping 23 times on the other side of the court. However, the Frenchman only tasted victory in six of those battles. 

Beyond the baseline battles, there is still a unique camaraderie that has blossomed. His words, “I’m more from the djoko school for having worked with him for many years” hinted at a bond forged through shared experiences and mutual respect.


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Tsonga has willingly taken Djokovic’s side and proved his loyalty for the Serb. Even though Sinner has many supporters across the globe, one fact that is still relevant is that he is still a newbie. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments.

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