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Jannik Sinner‘s recent success has divided the internet. While his fans are delighted with the ATP’s adorable gesture on his recent feat, Novak Djokovic fans are not quite sure about how to react on the matter. While they didn’t directly take a dig at the Italian, they brought Daniil Medvedev’s reference to speak about a major discrepancy by the committee. As ATP’s surprise for Sinner surfaces, disappointed fans reveal how “they did next to nothing” for Medvedev.

The official X platform of the ATP tour recently shared a video, where the former world’s number one tennis players gathered to congratulate the Italian ATP star on his new ATP ranking. “The No.1 club called, and the former No.1’s are so glad you answered, Jannik  Hard work and perseverance got him here, and now the legends of the game unite to welcome their newest member #S1NNER | #PIF | #ATPRankings | #partner”- tweeted the ATP Tour’s page.

Now Sinner recently dethroned the ATP no 1 rank by defeating Serbian legend Novak Djokovic. Sinner entered into the ATP ranking system in 2018 when he was just 16. In 2019, he managed to appear in ATP’s list of top 100 tennis players. Sinner’s achievement is great for his country as he is the first Italian to become the world’s number-one tennis player. This truly brought the fraternity’s attention to this miraculous boy. From Andre Agassi to Roger Federer, Boris Becker, Daniil Medvedev, Lleyton Hewitt, Andy Roddick, and many other former world’s number one tennis players were seen showering their love for this Italian tennis star. 


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While Djokovic wasn’t present in the video, Federer and others showered their heartfelt wishes cheering for Jannik’s incredible hard work. “Hey Jannik, many congratulations also from my side to become World No. 1. I think this is for me personally, maybe the ultimate achievement. And I’m sure you are incredibly happy and you should be so proud. I’m sure, also, Italy is loving you right now as they should being the first Italian player ever, to be World No. 1. It’s incredible. I couldn’t be happier for you. You’re a great person, great player, and I wish you only the best for the future, Jannik. Take care. I’ll see you soon. Bye“- said Federer.

On the other hand, Medvedev dropped a motivational wish for Sinner. “Congratulations on being the new World No. 1. It’s a huge achievement. You 100% deserve it. You have been playing amazing, better than anyone through the last 365 days. I know how hard you worked for it. So I hope you can enjoy this achievement. And then we’ll see each other on court. See you“- said Medvedev.

While the tennis fraternity is in awe of Sinner’s talent, fans are not quite happy about ATP being partial to Sinner’s success. As soon as their official X page shared the clip, people bombarded the post with negative comments, expressing their anguish over how ATP treats every player differently. Especially, Medvedev fans were visibly upset seeing this discrepancy with their favorite tennis star.

Angry fans express disappointment over ATP’s exclusive video for Jannik Sinner

While the 22-year-old Jannik Sinner’s placement as ATP no 1 has delighted the fans, they are also surprised to see the ATP’s special gesture for the Italian. However, not everyone found this gesture overwhelming as for them it revealed the differentiated behavior of the committee towards other ATP stars. Fans started targeting how Daniil Medvedev, who bagged the ATP rank no 1 in 2022 was not treated with this respect or acknowledgment.

Establishment getting people to give Sinner a special montage getting to No 1. He is of course a BIG Nike asset and from Italy which gives him huge power and influence. But spare a thought for Russian and Lacoste sponsored Medvedev. They did next to nothing when he got to No 1. “- wrote a fan. They believed that Medvedev’s craze among the ATP community was not as huge as Sinner’s getting for his country’s popularity and status.

Now Medvedev’s caliber become one of the pivotal points of discussion as he broke the monopoly of tennis’s Big Four. In 2022, he was the only ATP player to reach that position except for Federer, Nadal, Djokovic or Murray. Therefore he truly deserved the recognition. This lack of acknowledgment from the ATP committee made his pupils so furious that another fan commented- “Why did no one make a video for Medvedev?”

Despite not receiving similar acknowledgment, Daniil Medvedev showered his love for Sinner. This Russian ATP star initially started his ATP no 1 rank on Feb 28th, 2022, and ended on 20th March 2022. After that, he again reached the rank on the 13th of June of the same year and stayed for 13 weeks until the 11th of September 2022. Yet, ATP failed to acknowledge his talent. Fans seemed genuinely upset over this as they said- “Medvedev didn’t get this if I remember well. You lot are legit scum on earth.”


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One of Medvedev’s fans took a dig at how politely Medvedev congratulated Sinner and motivated him to face off against the Russian on the court. The fan thinks Medvedev’s approach seemed more polite to his fans – “Sometimes I feel like daniil is a flop then see him among his FELLOW world no 1s and remember he’s not a bum like your favs.”

While this behavioral differentiation saddened the majority of Medvedev fans, some of his fans expressed joy in seeing their favorite tennis star sharing the frame with other former world’s number-one legends.


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Nevertheless, Jannik Sinner’s recent feat has delighted the fraternity. They are just upset about the fact that not all the former world’s number-one ATP stars received such a grand gesture on this landmark. While fans’ comments might appear to Sinner fans, they should also focus on how people are bringing ATP’s behavioral differentiation into the limelight without discrediting Sinner on his new feat.