‘My Children Were Watching Cartoons’ – Ukrainian Tennis Player Sergiy Stakhovsky Seeks Wife’s Forgiveness Over His Huge Sacrifice

Published 04/06/2022, 5:16 AM EDT

Sergiy Stakhovsky, the former Ukrainian tennis professional, has the career highest singles ranking of world no.31 and in doubles, he has claimed a position as high as world no.33. The 36 old retired in the year 2022 and now is pursuing a noble cause.

Although his form wasn’t really plateauing, he made a decision that it was time for him to take a permanent break from tennis. Thereafter, he couldn’t bear to sit at home and watch his country burn, so he marched to join the Ukrainian army.


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Sergiy Stakhovsky Is Serving His Motherland

Sergiy is a married man with two kids. Though all this didn’t stand in his way while moving toward the battleground. In fact, the future of his kids is the primal motivation for his action. Sergiy, while speaking to an Australian journalist, said, “My grandparents are buried here.” 

Sergiy’s family is currently in Hungary, his two young sons and wife are just 300km away from the war. Therefore, he had to step up before it was too late to safe safeguard his family. Though he admitted that leaving his family behind was an emotional darning task.

He said, “My children were watching cartoons as I was leaving Hungary. I didn’t want to distract them. My 3-year-old noticed me with my backpack. I told him I’ll be right back, otherwise, he would start crying. My wife was mad. We talk now, which is an improvement, and I hope she’ll forgive me.”

However, he is adamant that he will not be backing off as it’s his duty to protect the history of Ukraine.


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Currently, he is in charge of providing food and shelter to women and kids, but it looks like if the nation calls for him to be in action, he would be ready in a blink of an eye.

Sergiy’s Tennis Career


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Sergiy Stakhovsky turned professional in the year 2003. The Ukrainian has 4 career titles and is well known for ending Roger Federer’s 36 consecutive Grand Slam quarterfinals streak. In the year 2013, he defeated Federer in Wimbledon Championship who by then had 8 Wimbledon titles under his name and also was defending champion for that year.

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He outclassed the legend in the second round of the tournament.


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Sergiy Stakhovsky

Sergiy ceased his journey in the year 2021 post Australian Open defeat. However, now that he is working to protect and secure the future of his home country.



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