New York Heat Becomes Topic of Dispute as US Open Accused of Novak Djokovic Bias Over Their Dubious Decision at Arthur Ashe Stadium

Published 09/10/2023, 4:47 PM EDT

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The thrilling world of professional tennis, where players battle it out in scorching sun and challenging conditions. Now, picture a decision that’s stirring up excitement and questions. The Arthur Ashe Stadium, where the US Open‘s epic matches take place, has a special roof that can shield the court from rain. But this time, it’s not rain that’s causing a stir. It’s the surprising choice to close the roof for the final match between Daniil Medvedev and Novak Djokovic.

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In this high-stakes match of strategy and athleticism, the roof’s closure has introduced an element of mystery, where the line between safeguarding player well-being and shaping the course of the game blurs.

US Open’s decision to close the roof for finals receives flak


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The decision to close the roof for the finals between Medvedev and Djokovic has raised eyebrows and ignited a storm of opinions on social media. While some believe it’s a necessary measure to ensure player safety and a level playing field, others speculate whether it’s a calculated move to favor the Serbian champion.

Twitter, as usual, became a platform for fans to voice their opinions:


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A fan shared their opinion, “Organizers’ decision: Whatever favors Djokovic. In my opinion.”

Another fan declared, “Pure corruption.”

Another fan added, “Anything to favor Djokovic.”

A fan brought in a different opinion, “There’s literally rain in the forecast…”

A fan shared, “Not surprised. This entire tournament has had huge levels of corruption to ensure Novak wins it.”

Another fan stated, “Advantage Djokovic.”

A fan added, “Establishment favoring Djokovic again.”

A fan shared, “This is a real shame… if it’s sunny, you play it roof open. If it starts raining, you close it.”


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The decision to close the roof at Arthur Ashe Stadium for the finals is causing a lot of arguments. Some worry about the extreme heat and how it might affect the players, as we saw during the quarterfinals. But others are questioning if closing the roof is really about giving one player an advantage.

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In the end, people are still talking a lot about whether closing the roof is a clever plan or just a way to keep the players safe. As the match goes on, tennis fans will keep guessing, but it’s the players who will decide who wins with the roof closed at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

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