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Novak Djokovic Clears Up On ‘Political Chat’ With Rafael Nadal About the New Players’ Association

Novak Djokovic Clears Up On ‘Political Chat’ With Rafael Nadal About the New Players’ Association

Novak Djokovic reacts during his second round match at the 2020 Italian Open

Novak Djokovic recently cruised into the third round of the 2020 Italian Open with a win over Italian Salvatore Caruso. But he made bigger headlines during a recent press conference, when Djokovic reiterated to the fans and media about what the Professional Tennis Players’ Association (PTPA) stands for. Moreover, he brought up the subject of having talks with Rafael Nadal about tennis politics. 

The new PTPA has been seeing tremendous hype, and it is because Novak Djokovic is heading the first players only tennis council since 1972! He’s also said that it’s been a long project on the works which has finally been stitched together. But, did Novak get a chance to talk with Rafa about the players’ association in the ongoing tournament in Rome? 

“Rafa, I saw him very briefly very quickly and just said hello. We didn’t chat about tennis politics or anything like that. That’s not gonna happen during the tournament for sure,” Djokovic said, about his brief meeting with Nadal.

The Serb mentioned that he did not chat “tennis politics” with Rafa as they didn’t have the time for that. But, will he hold such talks with the Spaniard in due time?

Rafael Nadal shares a light moment during his second round game against Pablo Carreno Busta at the 2020 Italian Open
MANDATREUTERS/Riccardo Antimiani

“Maybe there will be time for that next week before Roland Garros when we don’t have matches for maybe three-four days and maybe that will be a chance to do it,” the Djoker mentioned. 

Novak Djokovic created a sensation when he resigned as the head of the ATP player council and that is when the resulting PTPA was unveiled. There are mixed feelings around this new association, but the Serb is willing to clear the air to anyone who wants to know. 

Novak Djokovic thinks a lot of them have got the players’ association wrong

A lot has been going on in Djokovic’s life recently. There was the PTPA’s unveiling, the US Open debacle, and the haunting controversy surrounding the new players’ association. The 33-year-old spoke widely about the PTPA in a recent press conference, mentioning how it has been a long desire for the players to have their own council. 

“The main point of the Players Association is that’s something that you’re referring to you know as I was saying in New York is not that we want to fight ATP, ITF, Grand slams, or anybody else,” Djokovic mentioned.

Novak Djokovic at the 2020 Italian Open

“A lot of people have gotten the Players Association wrong, and I was trying to answer the questions. But you know obviously people construct the storylines the way they want to and I understand that. I respect everybody has their own opinions,” he added. 

There is certainly a lot of buzz around the new and historic players’ association. We’re yet to see the complete effect of it, and how it will positively impact the players and safeguard them. Novak Djokovic seems like a man in control, and the Serbian is undoubtedly setting new standards in the men’s game.

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