Rafael Nadal Issues Cautionary Message to His Fans on Social Media

November 26, 2020 11:09 pm

There were ongoing rumors spreading on social media that Rafael Nadal was demanding some money from his fans. Various portals running by Rafa’s name were actually asking for money in order to talk to the Spaniard online.

However, Nadal cleared out the air and said on Facebook that all this was entirely fake. He even said that nobody needed to pay any sort of money to have a chat with him.

“Apparently, there are some hackers asking for money on my behalf to participate in stories, lives, or different on-line and social media interactions. IMPORTANT – This is not true and no one should pay any money to talk or interact with me. Please pay attention to that,” wrote Rafa on his Facebook post.

The false claims definitely made Nadal upset. He, therefore, himself wrote on social media in order to let his fans know that he would never do any thing of the kind.

“Thanks and Apologies”- Rafael Nadal

Spain’s Rafael Nadal reacts during his group stage match against Austria’s Dominic Thiem REUTERS/Toby Melville

What was really beautiful about the post was that everyone knew that it was not Rafa’s fault. However, he still chose to apologize because the defaulters dragged his name to earn some money.

“Thanks and apologies if anyone is causing you trouble,” concluded Nadal on Facebook.

He definitely wanted to make sure that all his fans were safe and didn’t believe in any of this fake news. It is this gratitude that makes people love and respect Rafa.

After a pretty good 2020 tennis season, the World No.2 Rafael Nadal will be looking forward to some exciting challenges in the upcoming season. He last won the Australian Open in 2009 and has lost 4 finals since then in Melbourne. The Spaniard will surely be eyeing the title this time, which could also take him ahead of Roger Federer in the Grand Slam tally.

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