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‘Tell Her You Were Warm Too’ – Swiss Wrestler Reveals His Role in Roger Federer’s First Kiss With Wife Mirka

Published 02/28/2023, 1:47 AM EST

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For every couple with a great love story, the first kiss is the moment where it all began and the involved parties remember it fondly. Roger Federer and Mirka Federer are no different. The two met for the first time during the 2000 Summer Olympics. However, the story behind their first kiss is still a mystery. In Federer’s book, a former member of the Swedish Olympic team shared some details about the first romantic moment between the power couple of tennis.

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As per Federer, the first kiss between him and his wife happened in the Sydney Olympics. Players from Switzerland were sharing a dorm, and the ‘Swiss Maestro’ spent most of his time with Mirka.

Roger Federer’s first kiss


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As per Urs Burgler, the former Swiss wrestler, the first kiss between the Swiss tennis players happened after Federer lost his match against Di Pasquale of France. The event left the 20-time Grand Slam champion heavily disappointed. To cheer up his mood, he and his friends went out that evening. Burgler recalled, “When Federer missed his second chance to win a medal against Di Pasquale and was bitterly disappointed, the Swiss Olympic flatmates went out in the evening.”

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He later detailed that the four hung out at the bar and the emergency exit was next to them. Since it was quite warm inside, Mirka stepped out for a little while. Burgler encouraged him to go out with her. At first Federer was nervous, but he eventually went out and the emergency exit was closed. He asked for advice and was just told to tell her that he felt warm as well.


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“I grabbed Rogi and said to him: ‘Now, Roger, this is your chance!’ And he: ‘Do you think so?’ Me: ‘Yeah, sure, now you have to go for it!’ Him: ‘What should I say?’ ‘Tell her you were warm too. I’ll shut the door, and you’ll be out there to yourselves.'”


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How Did Roger Federer and His Wife Mirka Meet?

The two had their first kiss outside the bar. As per their friend, the two were outside for thirty minutes. When they came back inside, both of them were glowing. Federer shared all the details with his friend the next morning. “Then they gave each other their first kiss. They were outside for half an hour. When they returned, they were both beaming.

Before Federer left for Switzerland, he left a letter for his friend, thanking him for the two weeks they spent with each other. “Before Rogi left, he wrote me a little letter. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep it. He wrote: “Dear Urs, thank you very much for these two weeks. They were the best two weeks of my life.” I still get goosebumps when I think about it.’”


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Two decades and four children later, one would say that the first kiss led to great things between the two.

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