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Tennis Veteran, Who Thumped the Likes of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, Admits Crude Reality at 36 – ‘If I Get Hurt Again..’

Published 03/09/2023, 11:22 AM EST

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Gael Monfils, the French tennis star, has been absent from professional tennis. He has been away from the courts for over seven months due to a series of injuries. While Monfils may not have reached the same level of success as Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, his talent is undeniable. However, injures are a bitter reality that every athlete goes through, and the tennis player admitted this crude reality in 36 years of age.

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Monfils spoke about the challenges he faces as a veteran player. He acknowledged that he is on the edge of retirement due to the injuries. Fans continue to be excited to see the player play out his skills on the court.

Tennis veteran’s journey through ranks alongside Roger Federer and Nadal


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Monfils’ dedication to the sport and his desire to continue playing despite the challenges he faces is a testament to his resilience and determination. He has been a fan favorite for many years and continues to be a source of inspiration for aspiring tennis players around the world. Monfils’ recent defeat at Indian Wells may have been a disappointment, but it was also a reminder of the challenges he faces as a veteran player. With his eyes set on the 2024 Paris Olympics, Monfils will undoubtedly continue to work tirelessly to achieve his goals.

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While Monfils may not have the same number of titles as Federer and Nadal, he has certainly left his mark on the sport with his unique style of play. He has played many memorable performances against some of the game’s greatest players. As he continues to navigate the latter years of his career, fans will undoubtedly continue to root for him.


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According to a prominent journalist’s tweet, Monfils stated, “If I get hurt again, it’s over. Curtains. I know that I’m on the edge. In your head, you’re good, you are happy to come back, but be careful!”

Multiple injuries have plagued Monfils throughout his career, preventing him from reaching his full potential. He has suffered from various ailments, including knee and ankle injuries.

VIDEO: Gael Monfils Reduced to Tears After Suffering a Bizarre Injury in Montreal at the National Bank Open

His painful injuries have forced him to miss significant periods on the tour. Fans expressed their shock and awe on Twitter.

He was also quoted as,” The goal is to go to the Olympic Games next year, but if I get injured again, it’s over. I know I’m in a new stage, being a father changes everything,..” He has set his sights on the 2024 Paris Olympics. The tennis veteran hopes to participate before retiring from tennis.


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Monfils remains committed to playing at the highest level and achieving his goals. His determination and resilience serve as an inspiration to all aspiring tennis players. His legacy as one of the sport’s greats is sure to endure for many years to come.

The fan-favorite Monfils faces painful challenges as a tennis player

The tennis star continues to face the challenges of being a veteran player and is focused on achieving his goals. Monfils had to withdraw from the Monte Carlo Masters due to a foot injury. He expressed disappointment on Twitter but plans to return for the Madrid tournament.


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However, his current injury is a setback for his aspirations, including winning a Grand Slam title before retiring. His doctors advised him to rest and recover before the Madrid tournament. The French player is ranked 22 in the ATP and aims to win at least one Grand Slam title before retiring, with his sights set on the French Open. Share your views on the tennis star in the comments below.

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