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3 Decades After His Last Face Off With John McEnroe, Tennis Legend Breaks Silence on an Undisclosed Truth About the 8-Time Major Champion

Published 03/17/2023, 2:59 PM EDT

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John McEnroe is one of the few players who is famous for his temperament on the court, instead of his accomplishments. Anyone who knows the slightest history of tennis would know that McEnroe is renowned as one of the foul-mouthed players. His frustration with bad calls, umpires, and opponents is infamous. Michael Chang was one of the players who was frequently on the receiving end of McEnroe’s outbursts. Now, Chang and McEnroe have teamed up to compete in a new up-and-coming sport.

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Michael Chang discusses the temperament of John McEnroe

Michael Chang and John McEnroe have faced each other a total of five times, with McEnroe winning on four occasions. Chang has been on the receiving end of McEnroe’s wrath many times, but now, the 1988 French Open winner will team up with McEnroe. However, the sport is not tennis.


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The two will partner up for a Pickleball tournament. Recently, Chang was interviewed about his upcoming team-up with McEnroe. He talked about McEnroe’s temperament, about how he has been on the receiving end of it several times. He added that if he doesn’t make McEnroe angry, he is better off.


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I think when we talk about John’s temperament, I think we gotta talk about in what aspect right? Uh, its interesting because obviously I’ve been on the receiving end of playing against John, and my, my particular goal is that, and I’ve just learned this from experience, that if I go and I play John, um, and I don’t allow him to get upset for one reason or another, I’m actually better off.

Chang added that when McEnroe gets upset, he ends up playing better tennis. He said, “Because what ends up happening is that when John gets upset, whether its a line call or something else, he actually plays better tennis. I don’t know if a lot of people know that, but its the fact of the matter.”

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Chang goes on to say that he will try his best to fire up McEnroe so that the two can triumph in the upcoming matches. Pickleball has taken the world by storm. While McEnroe was against the sport at first, he has warmed up to it and aims to compete in it as well.

What are your thoughts on pickleball? Do you think legends like McEnroe and Chang taking up the sport will increase its worldwide appeal?

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