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2 Years After Massive ‘King Richard’ Success, Venus and Serena Williams’ 68-Year-Old Coach Announces ‘Billion Dollar’ Moves as He Treads a New Path

Published 07/20/2023, 8:17 AM EDT

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In an unprecedented collaboration between legendary tennis coach Rick Macci and Harvard trained Neuromuscular Neurologist Dr. Nivedita Uberoi Jerath, widely known as Dr. Niva, resulted in the creation of a groundbreaking book called “Billion Dollar Mind.” This compelling guide unveils the secrets to fortifying the mind, enabling individuals to conquer mental barriers and unlock their highest potential in the game of life.

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After ‘King Richard’s success, Venus and Serena Williams’ coach treads on a fresh path. The book combines Dr. Niva’s neurology expertise with Macci’s transformative coaching. “Billion Dollar Mind” presents readers with a practical roadmap for personal growth and transformation.

‘Billion Dollar Mind’ – A fusion of life lessons and practical strategies


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Known for his illustrious coaching career, Rick Macci has left an indelible mark on countless tennis stars. He even had a hand in propelling them to World no. 1. His students include but aren’t limited to the likes of the Williams Sisters. Macci’s gift lies in his ability to reshape his students’ mindsets, boosting their mental prowess to complement their physical skills.

In their amazing collaboration, “Billion Dollar Mind,” Dr. Niva and Rick Macci explore how the mind is connected to personal success. They combine basic neurology with important lessons Macci teaches his students. The result is a book full of valuable advice that people appreciate for its practical approach to life.


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It’s a book that’s exciting and practical, like the “law of attraction” but with real-life solutions, according to the editor. The book is to inspire people who wish to overcome their psychological obstacles and improve their lives for the benefit of others.

Nevertheless, the other key contributor to the book also learned under Macci before transitioning to a new field.

Dr. Niva’s journey from tennis champion to neurologist


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Dr. Niva brings her expertise in medicine and an overwhelming passion for tennis to the table. Having trained under Rick Macci, she credits him for instilling the mental strength that catapulted her to become a junior tennis champion before pursuing medicine as a career. Driven by her personal journey, she becomes the perfect bridge between neurology and sports in the latest collaboration.

Beyond the world of a typical self-help book, “Billion Dollar Mind” is a captivating fusion of life lessons and practical strategies, drawing inspiration from neurology and sports alike. This multifaceted approach ensures its appeal to readers from all walks of life, guiding them towards unleashing their untapped potential, as reported by Digital Journal.

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Rick Macci’s wisdom gleaned from decades of coaching enriches “Billion Dollar Mind” with invaluable life lessons. The book captures his unique coaching style, emphasizing the importance of discipline, perseverance, and embracing failure as stepping stones to success.

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