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‘Why Did You Let Me Do That?’- 26-Year-Old American Tennis Star Blames Idol Roger Federer Over a Repenting Change to His Game

Published 03/31/2023, 6:03 AM EDT

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The influence of the Swiss Roger Federer on the tennis world is undeniable. His elegant style of play has inspired many young players to emulate his techniques and tactics. One such player is 26-year-old American tennis star Christopher Eubanks. Eubanks has made a name for himself on the court with his unique one-handed backhand. In a recent interview, Eubanks now finds himself questioning whether he made the right decision in adopting this style.

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In the past, many tennis players have drawn inspiration from Roger Federer’s game and have tried to imitate his style. However, Christopher Eubanks is now questioning one such decision. The American had decided his serve style early in his career, which he attributes to Federer’s influence.

American tennis player shares the influence of Roger Federer over his serve


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The 26-year-old American tennis player has recently reached the quarterfinals of the Miami Open. As reported by ‘Express’ after, he talked about his backhand. Eubanks shared, “If I could do it all over again, don’t know if I stick with that decision. There are pros and cons to each.”

The American explained that he hits with the serve with a single hand instead of the more common two-handed backhand. Eubanks revealed that he had made the decision to use a one-handed backhand due to Federer’s influence.


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In the interview, Eubanks further acknowledged that he had achieved some success with the shot and that he would continue to work on it. He added, “It’s what I have now. Obviously I have had a decent amount of success with it.”

“I wanted to do it because I loved Federer. Now I go to my dad, Why did you let me do that?”

Eubanks has made a conscious decision to stick with his one-handed backhand, despite its challenges.

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While Federer’s influence on Eubanks’ game may have led to some difficulties, it’s clear that the young American still holds his idol in high regard. He also discussed how he used to emulate Federer’s game style when he was younger, and how he still looks up to him as a role model. The American tennis star said that Federer is an all-time great and that he has always admired his versatility and ability to hit any shot on the court.


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Federer, recently partnered with comedian and TV host Trevor Noah to promote Swiss tourism

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The Swiss player has taken an innovative approach to showcase the beautiful landscapes of his country. Together, the duo has been featured in a documentary film called ‘The Ride of a Lifetime- The Grand Train Tour of Switzerland.’ The advert campaign takes viewers on a scenic train tour of Switzerland. The aim of this initiative is to promote tourism in Switzerland, and Federer seems proud to be a part of it.

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Interestingly, Noah has Swiss-German ancestry and is half-Swiss. This partnership is a paid collaboration with ‘My Switzerland,’ and Federer is taking this opportunity to venture into new domains beyond tennis after retiring from the sport in 2022. This picturesque surprise is sure to attract tourists from all over the world to visit the dream destination of Switzerland.

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