Taylor Fritz's win at Wimbledon—Is his girlfriend Morgan Riddle his secret weapon for success?

With every fiber of her being, Morgan Riddle has screamed joy at her boyfriend, Taylor Fritz’s performance on the London Greens! Wimbledon has been a witness to many couples’ celebrations of triumphs after a match, and fans have loved it throughout. Be it Roger Federer and Mirka Federer or the new generation couple Katie Boulter and Alex De Minaur, we have all heard the cheers from afar! Fritz’s second-round match at Wimbledon added another one to the list of stories. This is because when he emerged victorious, fans once again got a glimpse of one of the greatest Grand Slam romances! After all, who better than your own soulmate to rejoice in your moments of success on the grandest platform of tennis?

The dramatic showdown between Taylor Fritz and Arthur Rinderknech was a feud that had extra meaning for the American tennis pro as he chased the victory from last year, which was extra special. And Morgan Riddle, who is often there at the stands for Fritz’s matches, was there at the All England Club as well this season, supporting her boyfriend like always! The fashion influencer also made sure to capture the fiery moments of the match on her cellphone, freezing the memories of his victory forever. 

Later, Riddle took to her Instagram and shared multiple videos of the game, one of which she captioned, “into round 3 🤍.” In the clip, Fritz, fully focused on his game, hit his racquet while his opponent could not hit it back. As a result, Fritz, with his closed fist, celebrated it with passion while stealing a quick glance at his girlfriend, Riddle, whom he has been dating since 2020. This brief yet cute moment between the duo during the match is a testament to their love and support for each other through thick and thin.


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After all, the power couple of tennis never backs down from celebrating each other’s success and fame. While on one hand, Fritz, the former World No. 5 has established his dominance on-court, off the court, his girlfriend has graced the tag of “WAG.”


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“Tennis is his thing — it’s something he’s worked for his whole life. So, when I first started, I was always checking, “Are you cool with this?” He was so supportive. He doesn’t mind at all,” Riddle said, who often graces the courts with her stunning looks. Even so, Riddle, who was there with Fritz in his French Open tournament as well, has her own set of difficulties while doing her job. Nevertheless, she tries to “balance out” everything.

Morgan Riddle reveals how she helps Taylor Fritz on his tennis adventures

When Morgan Riddle started dating Taylor Fritz, she was not a big fan of the sport. But as time went by, her perspective changed and she embraced a different lifestyle altogether. Traveling with her boyfriend all around the world during his tour, Riddle is now as involved as one can be in tennis. However, according to her, some may think that’s all she does. She once stated, “I’ve gotten bullied about it.”


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Therefore, in an interview, she revealed the other part of her role as a partner. “As his partner, you are a part of that team…I am very on top of him, and I do a lot to help. Making sure he is going to bed at the right time.making sure he’s eating well. Making sure all the accommodations are set up. I’m very Type A and organized. He is the opposite, but you need both to balance out.”

Morgan Riddle has her priorities set as she keeps on cheering for his boyfriend, Taylor Fritz. And with that in mind, Fritz wants to show his talent and shine in tennis!