Can Taylor Fritz handle the pressure, or will Tabilo shock the world again?

The grass-court major event at Wimbledon has progressed to its sixth day. While some American ATP stars, like Frances Tiafoe, faced disappointment, Taylor Fritz continues to carry hope forward. Having advanced to the third round, he faces a tough challenge against Alejandro Tabilo, an underrated ATP star who once gave Novak Djokovic a sweat-hard match against him.

Alejandro Tabilo has extended his Wimbledon run and now prepares to face the top-ranked American. Born in Toronto and representing Chile, Tabilo entered the Top 100 in February 2022. Since then, he has overcome numerous challenges, reaching a career-high ranking of No. 25 after defeating Djokovic.

This victory occurred on May 13th at the Italian Open, where Tabilo defeated Djokovic in straight sets (6-2, 6-3). It was a significant milestone in his journey to the semifinals of the ATP Masters 1000 event. Tabilo also clinched his first ATP Tour title earlier this season in Auckland, becoming the first Chilean to win on hard courts since 2007. Additionally, he reached his first ATP Tour final at the 2022 Cordoba tournament, further solidifying his mark in professional tennis.


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While the tennis community may know him by his registered name, loved ones prefer to call him “Jano”. His parents, Ricardo and Maria, proudly own a cleaning company. Inspired by his brother and with his parents’ support, Tabilo left home at 13 to train in Florida.

The ATP star is fluent in both English and Spanish, with a preference for the former. His favorite shot is the drop shot, akin to Roger Federer’s finesse, and he enjoys playing on clay courts. He regards the ongoing grass-court event as his favorite tournament and considers Rafael Nadal his idol.


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Alejandro Tabilo is an intriguing personality on and off the court. Alongside his determination to establish himself in tennis, he harbors a fondness for epic movies and shows.

About the world that Alejandro Tabilo finds himself lost in away from the courts

Every tennis player needs something to divert their attention from the stress of competition. For Novak Djokovic, it’s hiking, while Alejandro Tabilo finds solace in filling his popcorn bucket and immersing himself in the world of movies and shows on TV screens.


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Among keen observers, Alejandro Tabilo counts Leonardo DiCaprio as his favorite movie star. He enjoys films based on athletes’ stories, citing Disney’s “Miracle” as a top pick. Additionally, he indulges in fantasy realms, with “Game of Thrones” standing out as a favorite epic show.

A true cinephile, Tabilo enjoys exploring various genres. As he continues to write his own story in tennis, time will tell if he can add a cinematic touch to his journey.