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Wowed by Carlos Alcaraz’s Incredible Array of Qualities, Legendary Coach Rick Macci Revisits a Prophetic Statement

Published 10/25/2023, 12:29 PM EDT

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Being talented has no limits whatsoever. In the latest episode of the podcast ‘Love Means Nothing’, star coach Rick Macci appeared as a guest. Macci while chatting with the podcasters shared many incredible stories and thoughts. Although his remark about the new age players, specifically Carlos Alcaraz became the highlight of this podcast. Macci is well known for his storytelling skills and his narration on Alcaraz was riveting.  

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What Macci said about Carlos Alcaraz was not entirely unique from statements made by other tennis enthusiasts. Although the way he talked about the young champ and his exceptional skills is worth talking about. Alcaraz is definitely gaining a lot of attention among the likes of Macci. 

Macci appreciates Carlos Alcaraz


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Acknowledging and addressing young talent is very important in any industry. Especially in sports, because it can open doors for more aspiring players to follow their passion. Macci referred to Carlos Alcazar with very high standards. He compared him to some of the biggest names to ever exist in men’s tennis. 

Macci asserts that Carlos Alcaraz is a Broadway performer. He suggests that his on-court charisma and energy are captivating. He said: “He’s a Broadway performer. He’s skipping and hopping and smiling. But it comes from the heart besides all the other attributes.” Macci emphasizes that Alcaraz’s enthusiasm and talent stem from the heart, attributing authenticity to his performance. Macci highlights Alcaraz’s unlimited potential, barring injury. This means he believes Alcaraz has a very bright future in tennis. He compares Alcaraz to legendary tennis players, Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, and Agassi, suggesting that Alcaraz possesses qualities reminiscent of these tennis greats.


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Macci also spoke on how he sees Carlos Alcaraz as a wildcard. He goes to say how unpredictable and exceptional player Alcaraz is. By anointing him, Macci is bestowing high praises. Macci had predicted that Alcaraz would become the number one player in the tennis world. Looking at Alcaraz’s current performance, it seems like it’s going to happen soon. 

Carlos Alcaraz missing the mark by an inch


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There is no doubt that Carlos Alcaraz has been giving his best since he turned professional. He was even able to take the spot of World’s No.1 against Djokovic. Truth be told, it wouldn’t take the young champ long before he starts ruling tennis like his predecessor. 

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Carlos Alcaraz has beaten his peers to constantly stay at the second rank for some time now. And, it doesn’t look like he is going to go downwards. For Alcaraz, the only way is forward, and his dedication is legitimate enough to achieve that goal. 


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Rick Macci knows how to wrap his words in a decent presentation. In his discussion, he analyzed Alcaraz’s shortcomings as well. Although, as per him, the young champ’s potential is far greater than his drawbacks. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments. 

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