All You Need to Know About the Tickets at 2023 US Open

Published 08/23/2023, 2:44 PM EDT

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The final slam of the year is right around the corner. The US Open is about to commence and grab the attention of sports fans around the world. Beginning from 28th August till 10th September, the slam will return to Flushing NY, and it will be played at the Arthur Ashe Stadium, Louis Armstrong Stadium, and the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. 

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As the tournament nears, fans would not want to waste their time and grab the tickets while they can. The tickets enable fans to witness the action in the best way possible. Here is all you need to know about the 2023 US Open tickets.

Ticketing Options US Open 2023


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Different Ticket Types

There are several options available for the tickets to the slam in New York. The most common option for purchasing tickets is through the individual ticket option. Fans can buy tickets for all three stadiums, Arthur Ashe, Billie Jean King, and Louis Armstrong, along with tickets for the grandstand. 

The grounds admission starts from $174 and some even cost more than $585. These tickets grant the holder first-come, first-served access to Louis Armstrong Stadium, the Grandstand and all field courts. However, grounds passes do not have access to Arthur Ashe Stadium.


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The Grandstand, which is situated in the USTA Billie Jean King stadium, starts at $176 on day 1 and on day 3, it can go up to $1304. It will also include first-come, first-served access to Louis Armstrong Stadium and all field courts. The Louis Armstrong Stadium will operate for the first eight days, and tickets can cost as low as $267 and as high as $1365.

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For the Arthur Ashe Stadium, Day 1 tickets start from $198 and go all the way up to $1,747. The price of the tickets increases with each day. Finals tickets will cost fans at least $640, and the best seats will cost a whopping $11,650. Tickets for this stadium give fans access to assigned seats in the main stadium. They also get first-come, first-served access to Louis Armstrong Stadium, the Grandstand and all field courts.

Along with individual tickets, fans can also buy tickets for consecutive days for each stadium. They include opening session passes for the first week, all evening sessions, final weeks, and more. 

Luxury Suites and Premier Ticket Options

The US Open is not only an event for tennis. It is also an event which gives people the chance to experience a different kind of luxury. They offer several suites which are available for purchase.

The Overlook is the first suite, which offers a lounge seat in Arthur Ashe Stadium or a courtside seat in Louis Armstrong Stadium, exclusive access to the US Open’s largest hospitality club and an all-inclusive dining experience. One can also arrange a private hospitality space which gives access to all amenities from the Overlook. 

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The 1968 Room gives a courtside seat in Arthur Ashe Stadium, an air-conditioned room with a rooftop bar along with access to the Overlook and an all-inclusive lunch or dinner service. The Luxury Room includes a private exterior balcony, an interior lounge within Arthur Ashe Stadium, and a customizable chef-curated menu.

The Courtside Premier features prime courtside seating in the front rows, behind-the-scenes access, and dedicated service throughout the time of the tournament. 

How to Buy US Open Tennis Tickets 2023?

Official US Open Website

The best option to purchase tickets for a particular tournament is through their websites. It is a simple process. One can simply visit the official US Open website and find the ‘Tickets’ section at the top of the webpage. Hovering your mouse over it will give you several options for purchasing the tickets in various ways. 

The method is user-friendly and allows one easy access to whichever ticket or package they want to procure for the New York slam.

Authorized Ticket Resellers

As it is with life, plans can change, and one might find themselves in a position where they can’t go for the matches. Therefore, they would sell the tickets to authorized resellers. Ticketmaster, Stub Hub and Vivid Seats are some websites where holders can sell their tickets, and fans can buy the tickets that have been put up for resale.

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The three websites mentioned are the most trusted sources. However, one can find more on the internet.

Timing and Availability

Tickets for purchase go up months before the tournament is scheduled to commence. Suppose someone wants to purchase the tickets or any particular packages. In that case, they have to start checking the tickets at least two months before the start of the championship.

As it stands, several packages are already sold out, along with the prices of the suites for several matches. Thousands of fans have already missed out on tickets, but some are up for sale, and one would need to get on to them as quickly as possible.

Tips for Attending the US Open 2023

Planning ahead


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Planning is the most important aspect of enjoying a tournament properly. Since New York is a crowded area, a proper schedule needs to be set for when to leave your hotel and which mode of transportation to use. During prime time, it can be difficult to get taxis; therefore, one would want to leave a little earlier than planned.

What to bring?

Like several sports, tennis is a sport which is played in an open arena. Therefore, some items are imperative if a viewer wants to be comfortable during their time. Sunscreen, hats, and comfortable and breathable clothing are important items one should remember to carry for the championship. 


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The US Open will conclude the excitement of all the slams. It is not only a tennis event but also an event where one can experience eye-opening luxury.

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