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John McEnroe recently spoke about tennis missing its GOATs. With legends like Roger Federer and Serena Williams out of the scene, many tennis fans are disheartened. McEnroe, the tennis expert and former World No 1, talks about what and how tennis feels without these familiar winners. He also brought in the topic of Kyrgios‘ injury and added his name to the greats.

McEnroe’s comment on Serena and Roger’s absence sparks both nostalgia and hope in fans. While he was also asked about Rafa’s retirement, McEnroe did not want to decide things for Nadal. With his comments, it is clear that we have come to the end of a brilliant era of tennis, but he also makes it evident that we are standing on the brink of another grandeur in the circuit.


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John McEnroe talks about the GOATs and their loss to the tennis world

John McEnroe is on the same side as nostalgic Federer and Williams fans. He sympathizes with the loss of these legends on the court and how the Australian Open feels unfamiliar without them. However, as usual, McEnroe does not hesitate to see things in a different light than the rest.

Talking about whether Federer and Williams’ absence is felt on the court, he said on Eurosport, “Ask Australia’s Channel 9 if they are missing their presence!” 

He brought in former tennis player Ash Barty in the mix too, “Then you throw in the fact that Ash Barty retired, the reigning Australian Open champion. Nick Kyrgios is injured and didn’t even play at the event.”

He answered the obvious question without missing a beat, “So the answer is an obvious ‘yes!’ – you miss these GOATs, the greatest of all time.”

However, he does not fail to hold up how the legends have established an era of greatness and tennis will never be the same again. Although their absence is a miserable feeling to the tennis world, the feeling is bittersweet when we realize how much they have achieved in such a short time. Tennis ceases to be just a game but is now elevated to an emotion- all credit to these legends. Had they not made the upsetting exits, new players would have nothing to look up to.

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“Class act, Roger Federer. Serena Williams – people look at tennis in a different way after all that she has accomplished,” said McEnroe.

McEnroe also talks about Nadal’s retirement

While McEnroe’s comment has brought up the golden days of tennis from the past, he has also spoken about the one GOAT that remains, Rafael Nadal. Talking about whether or not he wants to retire, McEnroe makes it clear that the decision should be up to Nadal.


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The Spanish legend sure does deserve a graceful send-off after his more than ever glorious career. And when, where, and how he wants it, must be left entirely to his discretion.

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