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via Reuters

Ever since Roger Federer retired from his professional career, he has found himself lost in the world of business. Although the fans keep getting updates about his personal and professional life, the urge to see him with a racket still doesn’t fade away. Bringing in a surprise for the fans, the tennis legend recently got involved in a practice session, teaching some shots to a young American ATP star.

A video recently surfaced on social media, in which Federer was seen hitting the courts with the 19-year-old ATP star Nicholas Godsick. The recipient of his expertise is the son of tennis power couple Mary Joe Fernández and Tony Godsick, who is the Swiss tennis maestro’s agent.

While it was nothing less than an achievement for the young American ATP star, Coco Gauff‘s coach Brad Gilbert came forward to react to the adorable sight, saying, “so cool 😎 for Nico @StanfordTennis.” Federer’s gesture not only showcased generosity but also gave the tennis world a moment to witness him hitting the ball once again.

Tony Godsick has been with Federer since 2005. While the tennis legend was managed all along by his wife Mirka, he decided to consider the offer of the agencies, ending up building a long-lasting connection with Godsick. The American, who sided with several other tennis players in their operations, caught Federer’s attention because of Monica Seles’ referral.

While the recent act by Federer showed his amazing bond with his agent, Brad Gilbert’s comment added another layer of recognition boost to the budding ATP star, who is currently playing at Stanford University. However, this was just one of the moments when Coco Gauff’s coach stepped forward to appreciate Roger Federer’s moves.

Brad Gilbert’s consistent obsession with Roger Federer

This wasn’t the first time when Brad Gilbert encouraged Roger Federer’s engagement with the sport after his retirement. A few days ago, the fans got to see the Swiss tennis maestro hitting the ball against a wall, as one of the practice sessions that he still enjoys.

Finding it hard to hide his obsessions with Federer, the renowned coach dropped a reaction to the viral video. Expressing his excitement after seeing a racket in the tennis legend’s hand after a long while, he wrote, Such a great way to get in a hit at any level, tremendous seeing Fed play on the wall!”. As the 42-year-old continues to surprise fans with such unexpected appearances, Brad Gilbert also aligns to stay loyal to the fandom he’s now a part of. 

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