EXCLUSIVE: Influencer Paige Lorenze Gets Candid About Boyfriend Tommy Paul, Adjusting to Life on Tennis Tour, Princess Diana Comparison, and Her Apparel Company

Published 07/30/2023, 9:15 AM EDT

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26-year-old American tennis star, Tommy Paul, has become one of the most talked about names after this year’s Australian Open. He surprised everyone by reaching the semi-finals in Melbourne for the first time in his career. In the recently concluded Wimbledon Championships, he once again showcased his tremendous abilities by reaching the third round of the prestigious tournament. Just before that, he reached the final of the Eastbourne International tournament, which was a monumental achievement in his career. Meanwhile, one name, who also caught attention alongside Paul, is his girlfriend, Paige Lorenze.

Earlier at the Australian Open, Lorenze was seen cheering for Paul from the stands. Since then, she became the talk of the town. Recently, she appeared at Wimbledon wearing traditional whites.


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It is worth mentioning that Lorenze is a renowned Instagram influencer, as she has around 470k followers; she also has more than 240k followers on TikTok. Apart from being a social media influencer, she also has her own company called Dairy Boy, which is an apparel brand where customers can also find many home accessories.

Lorenze recently had an exclusive interview with EssentiallySports, where she talked about her relationship with Paul and his success at the recent Australian Open. She also opened up about her recent Wimbledon appearance, her fashion icon, and talked in detail about her company, Dairy Boy.

Hello Paige, how are you doing and where are you and Tommy right now?

Hi! I’m well, enjoying my summer and spending a lot of time with my family, friends, horses, and Tommy, of course. We are currently at the Newport Tournament in Rhode Island!

How was your Wimbledon experience this year?

Wimbledon is undoubtedly the best tournament I’ve been to. I can confidently say that I now understand why it is so highly regarded in the tennis world; the energy, the atmosphere, the decor, and extremely manicured landscaping–it’s absolutely stunning. I’m incredibly grateful to have experienced it for myself. Also, the Wimbledon strawberries were so good.

Fans went gaga upon seeing you at the Wimbledon Championships and compared you to the late Princess Diana at SW19. Could you give some details about your outfit and how do you select your outfits?

To be compared to Princess Diana is truly an honor. It is incredibly flattering and made me really happy. I can see why, based on what I wore at the tournament, people would say that. I would definitely say that my style is a mix of Western minimalism (I love a white tank or tee and good quality denim with some leather boots and our Dairy Boy hats), along with timeless and romantic, as I love to mix pastels and chic tailoring. Especially vintage-inspired silhouettes.


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My outfits this year were actually inspired by tennis itself, as I thought my green dress resembled a tennis ball in a way, but was still classy and timeless. Kate Middleton actually wore the same dress in a different style just a few days after me at Wimbledon, so I guess she might have been thinking the same!

Whom do you look up to as fashion icons? And who do you think has the best fashion sense in tennis?

I look up to women who have had a lasting impact on the fashion world, from Princess Diana and Jane Birkin to Bridgette Bardot, Vivienne Westwood, and of course, the more modern icon Kate Middleton, who undoubtedly has the best fashion sense when it comes to tennis.

How do you support and maintain a sense of balance for your partner’s tennis career while pursuing your own goals and passions? Tennis tournaments can involve a lot of travel. How do you manage being on the road and maintaining a sense of stability in your personal life?

I really enjoy traveling and look forward to exploring new cities and countries. I have quite the busy schedule myself with my personal brand, @paigelorenze, and my lifestyle brand, @dairyboy, so when it comes to traveling, I find that sticking to my normal routine helps me maintain stability and a sense of balance, whether that be creating content, fulfilling campaigns or brand partnerships, meeting with my team to discuss new Dairy Boy launches (we just came out with summer hats and launched our Dairy Boy Kitchen Instagram which I’m really excited about!). We’ve also been working on a denim project for over a year now that is launching soon, so I can’t wait to see that come to life. Dairy Boy has many new products and launches in the works, and I feel very blessed to be able to travel and still work.

Congratulations to Tommy on reaching the semifinals of the Australian Open this year! How was your experience?

I was so excited for Tommy and proud of him. The overall experience was really cool. It was my first time in Australia, so I was just so happy to be there. 

Your company, Dairy Boy, seems to have been inspired by your life in Vermont and your love for farms. The products also reflect the same. Now that you are associated with tennis, can fans expect any tennis players collaborating with your brand?


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With Dairy Boy, I’ve made it my mission to create products that are in my home and pieces that are timeless basics. Everything I create, I actually use and wear, and that’s something that’s been extremely important to me. We’ve had a lot of recent launches, from phone cases and summer hats (the American trucker), to Dairy Boy Kitchen–and most recently, some tennis players have actually been photographed wearing the summer American trucker hats! It’s amazing to see the brand be enjoyed by everyone, tennis players included!

Something really special you can expect to see this August, though, is our first-ever IRL Dairy Boy event! I announced this last week on my Instagram and we already have thousands of RSVPs for the pop-event in NYC, which is just amazing–I can’t wait to meet everyone.

Also, you are a competitive skier; what do you enjoy the most about skiing?


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Downhill Ski Racing was a large part of my life for a long time. It shaped me into the woman I am today and provided me with a lot of life experiences and lessons. I love skiing because of how in tune you are with nature. I got to spend so much of my childhood outside and exploring, and that seems to be so rare now. 

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