‘The Director Is…’ – Tennis Fans Point Out Glaring Loopholes in Scenes From ‘Challengers’ as the Initial Euphoria Surrounding It Dies Down

Published 06/23/2023, 9:52 AM EDT

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Challengers is an upcoming Hollywood movie which is based on the racket sport. The movie was first announced in February 2022 and made every tennis fan believe that the sport will become even more popular. With the cast featuring Zendaya and Josh O’Connor, the movie had set itself up for immense success. However, a teaser for the movie was released recently, and it has tennis fans going into a frenzy with the mistakes already coming forth.

When Euphoria star Zendaya, and The Crown’s actor Josh O’Connor were revealed to be the in the cast, tennis fans experienced immense joy at the news. Many thought that tennis would have mainstream popularity. Some believed that the Oscar was in sight for Zendaya. But after watching the teaser, the opinions have changed quite a bit.

Fans lambast Challengers teaser trailer


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Any tennis fan in the future will say that 21st June was the day that changed everything. When the teaser trailer for Challengers was released, fans were extremely happy about the newfound popularity of the sport. However, avid tennis followers could not help but smack their foreheads in disappointment.

In one scene, Zendaya’s character rushes to pick a shot and seemingly injures her left ankle. But in the next scene, she is lying on a hospital bed with her right knee bandaged. With annoyance, fans started breaking it apart on Twitter.

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One fan stated that all tennis movies have not been received well and Challengers will have the same situation.

A sarcastic reply while blaming the American movie industry was the response of a user.

A final longer than any WTA match played on a small court and wrapping the incorrect leg made one user believe that no one on the team has ever watched tennis.

One fan had a hilarious reaction as they were left scratching their head.

Another fan felt confused and thought they were losing it.

One user stated that the injury was seemingly on the ankle and they wrapped up her knee.

Another commenter and questioned why the bandages weren’t on her ankle.

While the mistake was about the bandage, one fan pointed out the hilarious way in which Zendaya was holding the racket.

One fan felt that most of the budget of the movie went into paying Zendaya instead of good writers.

Breaking the convention of the comments, one follower believed that the injury was actually on the right knee instead of the ankle. Therefore, everyone was overreacting to the video.


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If the fans are right about where the injury takes place, then it can be a bad sign for how the movie will be perceived in the box office.


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Have you watched the trailer yet? Do let us know your interpretation of the ongoing debate.

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