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ICC Cricket World Cup

When we talk about limited overs cricket and discuss about the most successful teams, there is only one team that remains on the top of the hill and that is Team Australia. Nobody has lifted the prestigious ICC Cricket World Cup more than the men in yellow and there is a reason why they stand tall above all others. They don’t get on the cricket field to demonstrate mercy, to gain respect or to hear good things about them; they come out only to win a cricket match. They are not concerned about the opposition or what people think is right or wrong, they go out and play how they know best, and that is good hard cricket. And the year 2015 has been no different for the young Australian team.

After the 2011 World Cup, The world questioned if Australia’s ascendance over world cricket is finally coming to an end after a string of veterans decided to hang up their boots. Suddenly the impenetrable were left vulnerable and were getting usurped by lesser teams. But indomitable attitude and tireless assiduousness brought them back to the top and they were crowned as world champions again in 2015.


But the success story is a collaboration of copious amount of hard work and deft introspection that was carried out by cricket Australia. It’s not an over-night step but a long thought scrupulous effort that yields the result in the present day. Right from the selection committee to the captain to the support staff, all have coalesced together to make Australian cricket attain parity to its previously held stature. And what makes 2015 more special is that this time they didn’t have the luxury of superstars who could win them games on their own, but it has been a contribution from everybody involved, to understand their roles about what they are required to do for the team and prove that they deserved to be a part of the Australian dressing room.

The bigger share of the Australian success over the past year certainly should be conferred to the players involved. They were a bunch of young prodigies who have turned out to be superstars for their country. Starting from the skipper Steve Smith and vice-captain and opener David Warner to the lethal bowling attack, the Australian Team has the most balanced team in the present day cricket.

Here is a little in depth diagnosis of the entire line up and the people who selected them to do the job:

TOP ORDER: David Warner and Aaron Finch certainly get together to be one of the most formidable opening partnerships in the present day limited overs cricket. They are capable of tearing apart any bowling attack, anywhere in the world, but at the same time are smart enough to ward off a decent opening spell. They both complement each other and play along each other’s strengths, look for boundary balls and are keen to rotate the strike. And the reason they have the licence to go after the bowling is because of the backup they are provided by the skipper at number 3. Steve Smith has had a year that cricketers dream of; his bat has only made it more and more justified about why he is the best man in the team. He has almost looked impenetrable with the plethora of runs under his belt and is revered both by the team mates and the opposition.

Australia's Steve Smith (R) hits a six as India's wicketkeeper MS Dhoni looks on during the One Day International cricket match in Perth January 12, 2016. REUTERS/Bill Hatto
Australia’s Steve Smith (R) hits a six as India’s wicketkeeper MS Dhoni looks on during the One Day International cricket match in Perth January 12, 2016. REUTERS/Bill Hatto
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