WATCH: Glenn Maxwell says “Run Out” & Runs Out Wanindu Hasaranga

Published 10/27/2019, 6:24 AM EDT

A cricket match is a lot about moments. Moments which define the match. Moments of individual brilliance. Moments that make you go “wow!” Sunday’s match between Australia and Sri Lanka had quite a few notable moments. Glenn Maxwell’s and David Warner’s innings defined the first innings and probably took the game away from Sri Lanka. But in the second innings, when the game was almost out of reach for Sri Lanka, Glenn Maxwell produced another moment of individual brilliance- which probably might not be match defining, but brilliant none the less.

He was wired up with a mic while fielding in the deep. Wanidu Hasaranga’s thought a chip over covers would earn him a couple of runs. But Maxwell had other ideas, which he was clearly heard through the mic he was wired up. “Run out,” said Maxwell while running for the ball and shot out an electric throw into the hands of Alex Carey, who did not waste a second for to remove the bails, dismissing Hasaranga. While Maxwell’s effort was already an outstandingly fast, his confident shout just before the throw makes it even better to watch.


“Yeah I am pretty harsh on myself. I certainly expect high standards of what I can do on the field. I know what I’m capable of and sometimes when I can’t quite execute what I’m trying to do and what I know I can do it can be frustrating and I know it’s frustrating for people watching but it’s a lot more frustrating for me,” Maxwell was quoted as saying by Cricbuzz in a recent interview. He certainly showed the things he is capable of, in the match, helping Australia to an easy victory.



Saketh Kandadai

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