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Australian Open 2019: Zverev Explains Reason Behind Choosing Lendl over Becker

Australian Open 2019: Zverev Explains Reason Behind Choosing Lendl over Becker

In an interview to Tennisnet, world No. 4 Alexander Zverev commented on the reasons that led him not to work with the six-time Grand Slam winner Boris Becker. Zverev once said Becker was too costy for him, but he would eventually be ready to invest money. The German is currently preparing for Australian Open 2019.

Becker became the head of German men’s tennis and gives advices to Zverev, but in a formal way. “We spoke a lot and often“, Zverev said. “And then I understood that it was not the time to work together.

Also, there were many other things going on his life. But we also said that if everything will go well, we may see it differently on this topic in a few years. He then suggested me (Ivan) Lendl, even if both of them were not exactly best friends on the Tour.’ On the new partnership with Lendl, Zverev – who won the ATP Finals in London being helped by the American – added: ‘We already changed a lot, Ivan is a fascinating and exciting guy, unbelievably logical and methodical, and he exactly knows what he is doing every second, he has a clear ideas of how my game should be.

Australian Open 2019
Ivan Lendl and Alexander Zverev

We are working on it now.” Zverev has Russian grassroots as his parents come from that country, but being born in Hamburg he feels proud about being German: “I grew up in Germany, that’s where I spent most of my time, but in German tournaments like the Gerry Weber Open or Davis Cup, I really feel excitement, it’s nice if people understand and supports you, but what I keep believing is that people do not really know me.

I always try to be a good person, I am always open and honest, a very emotional person who, like anyone, has his ups and down. And I struggle to face the disappointments.”

Zverev will open his Australian Open 2019 campaign against Aljaz Bedene.

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Boris Becker
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