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Australian Open 2021 May Announce Huge Changes

Australian Open 2021 May Announce Huge Changes

Australian Open

Tennis Australia has already come up with a plan to successfully organize the Australian Open in 2021. As CEO Craig Tiley has wisely learnt, waiting till the last moment us not the best tactic amidst the devastating Coronavirus pandemic.

That’s why his strategy for organizing the first grand slam of the year is already ready. Interestingly, the Australian Open is the only grand slam which was able to take place this year. Many fear it might be the last one. With that being said, the event is looking to be the trendsetter among tournaments regarding successful pandemic planning complete with full proof solutions.

Amidst the biggest ideas being floated around, a spectator less tournament catches the eye. Let’s see what other measures Craig Tiley is proposing.

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What did Craig Tiley say about Australian Open 2021? 

Australian Open

This is what Tiley had to say about the preparations being put in place –

“There is just so much uncertainty as to what is going to happen in the next month let alone the next eight months.”

“These extraordinary times dictate a need for agility and extensive planning that explores a very wide range of options.”

“We have to be prepared for a changed environment. We obviously hope that as a community, we are through COVID-19 as quickly and safely as is possible. But we don’t know which of the current measures being used to try and contain the spread of infection will still need to be in place for the medium to long term.”

After this, Tiley went on to present the examples of these supposed emergency measures –

“For example, with such a high-dependency on international travel we are looking at what we might have to do if players need to be quarantined for any length of time before being allowed to freely move around Australia.
“Another example is if mass gatherings are still not allowed or severely restricted next year, we are looking at the possibility of running an event for broadcast. These are just two of many scenarios we have to examine.”

Do you agree with the moves being suggested by The Australian Open organizing bodies?

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