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Abhinav Bhalla is an NBA writer at EssentiallySports. He is a 5th year law student and has had a passion for Basketball and NBA since his early childhood. He has competed at school, university and national levels himself, and has a deep analytical appreciation for the sport. His all-time favorite NBA team is the San Antonio Spurs and he believes that even though they are lagging behind in terms of wins right now, they are sure to buck up in the future and become a playoff contender again. Currently rooting for the Phoenix Suns, Abhinav also believes that Devin Booker has a bright future ahead. Apart from NBA, he has a very wide palette for music as he enjoys old school rock and rap. Abhinav also loves adventure sports and jumps at every opportunity to participate in them.

Articles By Author

Shaquille O’Neal Confessed He Always Felt As “Great” As Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley or Karl Malone

Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal talks about his on-court mentality as a young player in the NBA which motivated him to work hard.

Stephen Curry Declared Michael Jackson Level Good-Looking As He Pulls off Stunning Outfit

Stephen A. Smith of ESPN sounds off on Stephen Curry's lavish pre-game outfit against the Blazers and makes a comparison to Michael Jackson.

Kyrie Irving Reacts to NBA President Adam Silver Standing Up Against NYC Mandate

Kyrie Irving shows appreciation about the fact that Adam Silver, the commissioner of NBA voices against the NYC vaccination mandate.

Lebron James? Surprising Reaction to Son Bronny?s Stunning Dunk Goes Viral for All the Wrong Reasons

A hilarious video of LeBron James' reaction to his son Bronny James' monster dunk in a high school game goes viral on Twitter.

Michael Jordan, Aged 59, backed to Beat LeBron James One-on-One

John Edward "Skip" Bayless, famous sports commentator claims that Michael Jordan, despite his old age, can beat LeBron James in a 1v1.

Rare Video Shows Shaquille O’Neal’s 6 ft Daughters Playing Basketball With 7 ft Tall Dad

Former professional basketball player and Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal spotted playing basketball with his daughters in a video.

LeBron James Drops 14 Word Verdict on Getting Traded from Lakers Amid Heavy Rumors

LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers expresses his frustration and displeasure over trade rumors centered around him and dropped a verdict.

Lakers Fans Go Mad as LeBron James Breaks Down Amid Questionable Calls by Refs

NBA fans react and show support to LeBron James as he gets frustrated at a questionable call by the referees in the game against Clippers.

Shaquille O?Neal Was Advised to Join the Army as He Was Terrible at Basketball

A hilarious video of LeBron James' reaction to his son Bronny James' monster dunk in a high school game goes viral on Twitter.

Klay Thompson Drops Keanu Reeves Reality Check on Stephen Curry’s Viral Outfit

Klay Thompson made a hilarious comparison to Stephen Curry's pre-game outfit at the Golden State Warriors vs. Portland Trailblazers game.

LeBron James, James Harden, Draymond Green And Other NBA Stars Left With Dropped Jaws After Bulls Star’s Game Winner vs Hawks

Watch famous NBA players and personalities react to DeMar DeRozan scoring the game-winner in the Chicago Bulls vs Atlanta Hawks game.

Lakers Get Bashed For “Bungling” The “LeBron James Business”

Journalists talk about how the Lakers management are not keeping LeBron James happy and are driving him away. Read The Full Story.

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