Abhishek Ramesh


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About The Author

As a NASCAR Editor and Author at EssentiallySports, I have the two-fold opportunity to channel my passion for motorsports and sports journalism. I have previously worked as a reporter and a digital content creator and then in the sports opinion trading industry. To me, NASCAR’s biggest selling point is its sheer variety of tracks. From classic ovals to winding road courses and even a city street track, there is something for every aficionado. I am also intrigued by the uniqueness of the playoff format that can make (or break!) any driver’s season on a given day. Outside NASCAR, my all-time racing idol is Kimi Raikkonen and I staunchly root for the factory Ducati MotoGP outfit. My career objective is to one day report live from the paddock at Le Mans. I firmly believe in sports being a microcosmic reflection of society, and I see the playing field as a space to set positive examples. I take a pitstop from sports by reading Batman graphic novels and watching mystery thrillers.