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Apoorva Behl

585 articles

Apoorva Behl is a sports writer for EssentiallySports. With a range that would make Bruce Lee proud, Apoorva’s writing embodies the philosophy of "Be Like Water," flowing seamlessly between a diverse range of sports and sensitive angles. Her articles are known to resonate with her audience, earning her a common spot on the Editor’s Pick list. As a practicing advocate specializing in sports stars research, Apoorva has a keen eye for sensitive angles in sports. Whether it's uncovering the truth behind Wayne Gretzky and Janet Jones' gambling ring allegations or investigating the conspiracy theories surrounding Bruce Lee's death, Apoorva brings a transparent approach to her writing, building credibility and trust among her readers. For Apoorva, Bruce Lee is an inspiration, representing the epitome of overcoming personal adversities. Her passion for MMA is evident in her latest developments coverage, while her interest in the elusive world of AI adds a unique dimension to her writing. Lately, she has been exploring the intricacies of Equestrianism and animal rights, taking readers on a journey of self-discovery using the sporting world as a launching pad for human drive and motivation.