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Christaline Meyers is a senior Olympics writer at EssentiallySports who specializes in gymnastics and alpine skiing. Christaline is one of the acclaimed authorities in the coverage of 6x All-Around champion, Simone Biles. She has written extensively, covering every detail of Biles’s life stories as well as providing her perspective on Simone Biles’ Yurchenko Double Pike controversy. Beyond the gymnastics realm, Christaline also takes an avid interest in the development of the on-field rivalry between Mikaela Shiffrin and Petra Vlhova in the snow-covered alps. When away from the ES Desk, she can be found meditating and listening to music.

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Who Is Ryan Murphy’s ‘Super Optimistic’ Wife? Everything You Need to Know About the Power Couple

Get to know Bridget Konttinen, the supportive wife of swimming star Ryan Murphy, who inspires his Paris Olympics dreams with encouragement.

8 hrs ago

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce Allegedly Set for Season Debut in Final Track and Field Year After Months of Waiting

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce set to return for her season debut in her final year in track and field, ending months of anticipation.

11 hrs ago

Simone Biles’ Partnership With $9.7 Billion Brand Unveiling New Look for Youth Empowerment Has Gymnastics GOAT “Proud”

Simone Biles' partnership with a $9.7 billion brand launches a new collaboration to empower the younger generation.

11 hrs ago

Athing Mu Making Season Debut at US Olympic Trials Has Track and Field Community Divided: ‘Still Worried’

Missing in action half the year, Athing Mu's return to the track has sparked division within the track and field community.

12 hrs ago

Katie Ledecky vs Ariarne Titmus: Who Stands Taller Amongst the Two Swimming Sensations?

Before the Paris Olympics, explore who stands taller in the rivalry between swimming sensations Katie Ledecky and Ariarne Titmus.

14 hrs ago

Saddened by ‘Masculine’ Comments, Katie Ledecky Says: “No One Has Ever Told a Michael Phelps He Isn’t Hot Enough”

Known for her fierce style in the pool, Katie Ledecky shares her thoughts on the pressures female athletes endure due to beauty standards.

15 hrs ago

Michael Phelps Was Almost Stripped of Beijing Olympic Gold Over Controversial World Aquatics Decision

16 years ago, there was a controversy over a World Aquatics decision that nearly stripped Michael Phelps of his Beijing Olympic gold.

1 day ago

“Be at Death’s Door”: Katie Ledecky Narrates Fears of Being Stuck in Foreign Country Hospital During 2019 Swimming Worlds

Katie Ledecky shares her fears of being stranded in a foreign hospital during the 2019 Swimming World Championships.

1 day ago

David Taylor Faces Setback as Iowa Snags Star Wrestler From Olympian-Coached Team

David Taylor faces a setback as Iowa State snags a star wrestler from his newly coached Oklahoma State wrestling team.

1 day ago

How Tall Is Lia Thomas Compared to USA Swimming’s Best Female Athletes?

After Lia Thomas lost her legal battle ahead of the Paris Olympics, let's compare her height with that of top USA swimming female icons.

1 day ago

Flo-Jo’s Legacy Will Always Remain Alive, but Sha’Carri Richardson Will Look to Restore USA’s Glory at the Paris Olympics

Flo-Jo's track and field legacy endures, yet Sha’Carri Richardson aims to reignite the USA's Olympic glory at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

1 day ago

What Is 5-Time Olympic Medalist Lilly King’s Net Worth?

Get to know Lilly King's net worth, a 5-time Olympic medalist, ahead of the swimming Olympic Trials, highlighting her financial success.

2 days ago

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