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Deepakshi Chaudhary is a Tennis writer at EssentiallySports. Watching Serena Williams dominate the WTA for over two decades and Rafael Nadal claiming 14 Roland Garros inspired Deepakshi to follow tennis. Given her love for the sport, Serena’s strength has always been an inspiration for her. Beyond her liking for swiftly swinging rackets, Deepakshi is a national level track and field athlete, who infuses her passion and experience from the track into writing articles to stay connected to the American audience. She worked as an Editor at EssentiallySports before transitioning into a writer. In her leisure time, she loves to read, go for a run, or step into the boxing ring.

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Andre Agassi’s Son Jaden Walks Down the Memory Lane to Share Enchanting Moment With Father at the US Open

Andre Agassi's son, the Mahoning Valley Scrappers player, reminisces beautiful memories of celebrating his father's Grand Slam win.

10 hrs ago

Carlos Alcaraz’s ‘Tragic’ Makeover Ahead of Wimbledon Doesn’t Sit Right With Tennis Fans

Carlos Alcaraz has been shocking tennis fans with some unexpected news these days. But latest one blew their mind off (though unpleasantly).

11 hrs ago

Roger Federer Confesses to Dilemma Over Future Amid Desire to Fulfil Emotional Tennis Promise Made to Fans

Roger Federer had a celebrated career on the court, however, he is facing difficulty in finding his footing post retirement.

11 hrs ago

Rafael Nadal: ‘Rediscovered’ Love for Tennis Leaves No Room for Retirement in Sensational Update for Fans

It's never too late when it's Rafael Nadal. And with his latest interview, he has smashed all the retirement rumors.

16 hrs ago

Insider Spills Beans on Alexander Zverev’s $218,000 Fine in Trial Against Brenda Patea

A big relief for Alexander Zverev, with the discontinuation of the ongoing trial, however the German would have to pay a massive fine.

1 day ago

‘Men Don’t Have to Think’- Sloane Stephens’ Crude Admission on Unfair Limitation to Women Over Having Kids While Playing Tennis

The American tennis star, Sloane Stephens bares it all in a recent interview, about having a family and professional career in future.

1 day ago

‘Roger Showed Me That Aspect of Him’ – Joe Sabia Reveals How Federer Left a Life-Long Mark on Him With Their Interview

Roger Federer's upcoming docu-series is about to hit the screens and while filming, his charismatic ways gained him a new fan.

1 day ago

‘There’s a Mental Strength in Discipline’ – Alexis Ohanian Hat Tips King Richard for Venus and Serena Williams’ Legendary Careers

Serena Williams' husband Alexis Ohanian opened up on the success of Williams sisters, as he praises his father-in-law for his plan.

2 days ago

Carlos Alcaraz Sucks the Joy Out of Jannik Sinner’s No.1 Honor as He Fails to Digest French Open Defeat

The new World No.1 ranking did little to console Jannik Sinner after his semifinal loss to Carlos Alcaraz at the French Open.

2 days ago

‘Mediocre’ Alexis Ohanian Relies on Serena Williams for Olympia’s Tennis Career While Offering Secondary Role

Here's why Serena Williams' husband, Alexis Ohanian took a comfortable step back when advised about coaching the 6-year-old Olympia.

3 days ago

Wimbledon: Rafael Nadal Breaks Fans Hearts as He Parts Ways Without a Final Goodbye

Another heartbreak for Rafael Nadal fans, as the Spaniard confirms his absence from the upcoming Grand Slam tournament.

3 days ago

La La Anthony Says ‘Yes’ to BFF Serena Williams’ Dedicated Gym Message

Serena Williams may be retired but she's still a dedicated gym rat, and her friends are here to support this obsession!

4 days ago

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