Dhruv Shastry


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About The Author

Dhruv Shastry, an NBA Writer at EssentiallySports, brings a wealth of hooping experience to his reporting. Despite contending with an ankle injury that curtailed his on-court endeavors, Dhruv remains at the forefront of his game, displaying an unparalleled understanding of basketball in every aspect as he draws inspiration from the legendary Kobe Bryant. Serving as a contributor to ES, Dhruv's journalistic focus extends to the lifestyle segment of basketball. His reporting involves analyzing sporting personalities, delving into their brand endorsements, tracking trades, and providing insights into their personal lives. With a breakthrough approach, he is not just a writer but a tactician in dissecting the intricate facets of the basketball world. Beyond the adrenaline of the game, Dhruv delves into writing, composing, and engineering music for global audiences.