Geisha Pulimoottil Don


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About The Author

Geisha, serving as an NBA Writer at EssentiallySports, actively engages in the coverage of breaking news, specializing particularly in injury reports. Demonstrating a notable proficiency in beat reporting, she is currently advancing her scope to include events, focusing specifically on refining her skills in play-by-play commentary through Live Blogs. Moreover, she maintains a vigilant watch on BTS narratives, recognizing their potential to shape or disrupt the NBA landscape. Driven by passion for literature and fondness for the Warriors, Geisha's allegiance to the GSW franchise and her admiration for Stephen Curry goes pretty strong. Her steadfast commitment to objective analysis and a broad understanding of the sport ensures the readers get impartial NBA insights. Dissecting the offensive and defensive side is what makes her one of our most comprehensive contributor, that will truly immerse you into everything NBA!