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Jacob Gijy


One take at a time

About me

Jacob Gijy, a seasoned senior sports writer at EssentiallySports, is a name synonymous with passionate and versatile storytelling across the realms of soccer, NBA, and other American sports. With a remarkable portfolio boasting over 1500 published articles, Jacob has showcased not only his prolific creativity but also an engaging writing style that consistently captivates his audience. A true soccer aficionado, Jacob's roots in the beautiful game traces back to the legendary Thierry Henry. With his heart set on Arsenal since the early 2000s, he was drawn to the magnetic charisma of Henry and Wenger?s Gunners, which ignited his unwavering passion for the sport. Jacob possesses a vast reservoir of knowledge, allowing him to decode the tactical intricacies of the game and provide valuable player insights to the readers. Hence, within the bustling sports division at EssentiallySports, Jacob stands as a stalwart contributor. As a senior sports writer, Jacob Gijy isn't just a chronicler of events; he's a craftsman of sports narratives. With every article, he brings depth, flair, and an unwavering dedication to bringing the essence of sports to life, making him a revered figure in the world of sports journalism. In his free time, Jacob can be seen divulged in premier league debates. (PS: this season, he has a special admiration for Ange-ball.). Beyond soccer, he can swim all four strokes perfectly and make delicious burgers in a trice.