Kabir Bajaj Ahmed


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About The Author

Kabir Bajaj Ahmed is an F1 & NASCAR Writer at EssentiallySports. Known for his storytelling and extensive research skills, he has covered multiple stories on Dale Earnhardt Jr and his legendary dad, allowing readers to relive the thunderous days of 'The Intimidator'. Being a racer himself, Kabir can resonate with the motorsport world better than most. For him, it all started with a special Ayrton Senna episode of Top Gear that he watched as a child. The newfound interest soon turned into an obsession and led him to enter the world of karting. As an up-and-coming star, he has a couple of podiums under his belt. While rising through the ranks in the racing world, Kabir also completed his undergrad in journalism. The course only helped him ease into his current role as a Motorsport Writer. When he is away from F1 and NASCAR, he likes to work on modifying older ones and restoring them to their former glory.