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A pro MLB writer at EssentiallySports, Kanishka Prakash has two years of experience in content curation. Having multiple 'Editors Pick' under her name, Kanishka’s coverage focuses on the legendary Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, and current superstars Shohei Ohtani and Bryce Harper. Not just that, she covers exclusives, her latest on a Chicago Cubs pitching coordinator, and also goes on to discuss trade agreements. When not tapping on her keyboard, she plugs her earphones in and indulges in podcasts or audiobooks. Oh, and she can't imagine her life without swimming and hiking!

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Gerrit Cole Makes Strides in Recovery As He Throws 2, 15-Pitch Innings

The New York Yankees' ace Gerrit Cole is making strides in the process of recovery after he was sidelined due to a "discomfort" in his elbow.

2 weeks ago

“Guy Hates Singles” Aaron Judge’s Power Surge Makes the New York Yankees a Force

Aaron Judge sets a new image of himself with 12 doubles and 11 homers in a span of 20 games giving the New York Yankees a new edge.

2 weeks ago

“Raising Doubts About 2025” Will the Mets’ New Season Dreams Be Accomplished?

While the New York Mets were planning on making a dominant entry into 2025, their present season does not seem to be going as planned.

2 weeks ago

MLB Reached Out as the Baseball World Wonders Whether the White Sox Got Robbed by a Controversial Call

Following the controversial call that robbed the White Sox of a win, MLB attempted to clarify their position by reaching out to the team.

2 weeks ago

“I Don’t Believe That for a Second” Hal Steinbrenner’s Sustainability Talk Strikes Out With MLB Insider Ken Rosenthal

The New York Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner's opinion on the current payroll not being sustainable draws speculation from MLB analysts.

2 weeks ago

“That Was a Frustration From the Call”: Bryce Harper’s Ejection Ignites Umpiring Debate

Bryce Harper gets ejected early in the game sparking a debate about the sudden and prompt ejections that the umpires have made this season.

2 weeks ago

“Simply Not Sustainable for Us Financially” the New York Yankees Eye Fiscal Responsibility as Hal Steinbrenner Hints at Payroll Shift

Hal Steinbrenner hints at cutting down payroll since "the levels we're at right now are simply not sustainable" for the New York Yankees.

3 weeks ago

Ketel Marte’s Streak Ignites the Arizona Diamondbacks as They Conquer the Dodger Stadium After 6 Years

The Arizona Diamondbacks silenced the Los Angeles Dodgers on Wednesday, clinching their first series win at Dodger Stadium since 2018.

3 weeks ago

Shohei Ohtani Owns the Plate, But Teammates Briefly Steal the Show with Hilarious Prank

Shohei Ohtani gets hilariously pranked by his teammate in the dugout as he gets ready to pinch-hit for him.

3 weeks ago

“One Hell of an American”: Paul Skenes’ Commitment to US Military Wins Hearts of Thousands of Americans

The Pittsburgh Pirates phenom, pitcher Paul Skenes is not only stealing the show on the mound but is also planning to serve the country.

3 weeks ago

“I’m a Highly Professional Baseball Player”: Blake Lively Throws a Curveball in a Pitch Perfect Social Media Moment

A baseball announcer called Guardians pitcher Ben Lively by actress Blake Lively's name, and she hilariously responded.

3 weeks ago

Aaron Rodgers Curse Hits New York Yankees; Fans Call Out Jets QB After Going 0-2 Against Mariners

The New York Yankees fans disheartened by a loss, derive a narrate of a jinx as Aaron Rodgers attended the game against the Seattle Mariners.

3 weeks ago

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