Kenneth Soares


One take at a time

About The Author

Hello there folks! I am Kenneth and I have always found inspiration in the stories of elite sportsmen and grand moments. I adore soccer, with some of my most cherished childhood memories involving, watching sports with my father and learning the lore around the greats. The narratives of exceptional athletes and iconic sports spectacles have consistently fueled my passion. They have even driven me to delve into the profound stories hidden beneath the surface of these beloved pastimes. Moving beyond conventional sports, I am drawn to the world of professional wrestling, where figures like MJF and Edge have earned my admiration. Amid this blend of diverse interests, I believe there is a common thread of storytelling that binds them together. Apart from being a sports enthusiast, I am also an ardent musician and artist. With dreams, ambitions, and an enduring love for the compelling narratives encapsulated within the worlds of sports and art, I am on an enduring journey to capture and share stories that resonate with us all.