Kushal Dudla


One take at a time

About The Author

Kushal Dudla is a NASCAR Writer for EssentiallySports, who brings a unique perspective to the world of motorsports. Pursuing his undergrad in engineering, he combines his technical knowledge with his love for sports to deliver engaging content to readers. As a dedicated NASCAR enthusiast, Kushal closely follows the journey of some of the sport's most talented drivers. His expertise allows him to provide insightful analysis and fascinating stories that resonate with fans. He is a big fan of Kyle Larson and feels the #5 car driver has a lot more championships in store in the future. In his own time, Kushal has a deep appreciation for poetry and often finds solace in its verses. He is also an animal lover and believes dogs bring joy to his life. Outside of writing, Kushal enjoys exploring new hobbies and aspirations, always seeking to expand his horizons.