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As Manny Pacquiao once said, “Boxing is not about your feelings. It’s about performance.” Through my writing, I hope to bring this performance closer to boxing fans. My affinity toward combat sports began when Dad would spend late nights watching reruns of famous Indian wrestlers battling it out in WWE. But with years, having lost touch with the sport, I found an opportunity to be a part of it yet again, and this time even contribute toward it through my writing. Hello! I am Mohammed Shafiulla R., people know me as Shafi, and I’m a boxing writer at EseentiallySports. Having briefly touched areas like PR, Marketing, and Journalism, I am here now working toward building myself as a sports journalist. My undergrad in Journalism and Literature and my ongoing Masters in Multimedia storytelling equip me to be better and meet the challenges that come with depleting consumer attention spans. Today boxing as a sport remains poised as one of the most lucrative sports among others, the coverage of it, however, is undergoing a massive paradigm shift. I hope to be a part of this shift and bring in newer means and forms of telling narratives of the ring. After all, it is we as journalists who get to tell the tales of the ring and the fighters that make the ring a reality.

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