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Pankti Parmar


One take at a time

About me

"That's where my mindset is at." I, Pankti Parmar, felt it when Brock Purdy said this. I use my background in psychology to seamlessly cover various dimensions of iconic NFL players' lifestyles. I feel that my knack for unfolding the game layer by layer, combined with my easy-to-understand articulation gives the reader a wholesome experience. I developed a knack for disciplined, tough sports when I experienced my first kickboxing class. Initially, it was 'Rowdy' Ronda Rousey who drew me into the realm of sports, but Brock Purdy's celebrated records, along with the competitive nature of the NFL, made my head whip towards the sport. Since then, there has been no turning back. During my breaks, you'll find me picking up my next poem to read. All in all, my passion for covering sports articles at ES is something that I wake up to every single day. - Pankti Parmar, NFL author at ES.