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R Mugundhan


One take at a time

About me

Mugundhan is a NASCAR Writer who specializes in the technical aspects of the motorsport here at EssentiallySports. He has been following Formula 1 and the Stock Car Racing Series for over a decade now and loves to pen down his thoughts on these adrenaline-pumping sports. As an engineering graduate, he quickly found an affinity for the roaring V6 and V8 engines as well as the innovation that is put into them. He started his journey as a writer during his college. To date, he has written a multitude of articles on different Motorsports Concepts & Race Strategies across different platforms. Although he is an ardent fan of Kyle Busch, his favorite is not Richard Childress Racing or Joe Gibbs Racing for that matter. The team that Mugundhan can be seen cheering for on Sundays is none other than Hendrick Motorsports. When he is not indulged in the fast-paced world of NASCAR, he likes to cook and play multiplayer games with his friends.