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Rupak Kumar Jha is an All-Hands Editor at Essentially Sports. He has completed his degree in journalism and mass communication and has spent more than three years of his life working in the field. In his professional capacity, Rupak Kumar Jha has worked on more than 10,000 articles across various content verticals. As a sports editor, he is committed to bringing forward unbiased and truthful details about entities and events alike, while aiming to educate, engage, and capture the hearts of millions of sports lovers. Rupak Kumar Jha follows MLB religiously and also loves to play cricket. When not busy, he loves to play guitar and sing. Rupak’s favorite genre is sci-fi and his favorite movie is Interstellar. With his PlayStation controller in his hand, he becomes a formidable soldier running through storms of zombies and insurgents.

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Dale Earnhardt Jr Falls Head Over Heels For Shaquille O’Neal’s “Nemesis” During His Visit to the Big Apple

Dale Earnhardt Jr recently showered praises on The Dale Jr Download podcast about a now-friend-then-enemy of NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal.

1 week ago

Richard Petty Calls Out NASCAR’s Horsepower Reluctance With a Hesitant Verdict on the All-Star Showdown

Disappointed with the cars' performance at All-Star, Richard Petty had an opinion to share, suggesting more power for NASCAR vehicles.

1 week ago

Richard Petty Confesses 8-Word Inability to Condemn Busch and Stenhouse Jr’s All-Star Violence

Expressing his disapproval of the Busch-Stenhouse brawl at the All-Star, Richard Petty gave a valid reasoning of his own to avoid fighting.

1 week ago

NASCAR Community Divided Over Busch-Stenhouse All-Star Brawl With Punishments Looming

After the fist-fight at All-Star Race involving Kyle Busch, Ricky Stenhouse Jr, and Sr, NASCAR fans are divided over the impending punishment.

1 week ago

Denny Hamlin Tips His Hat to Goodyear’s North Wilkesboro Experiment With an Unexpected Verdict

While the Goodyear tires have been receiving mixed reviews from the NASCAR fraternity, Denny Hamlin has something good to say about them.

1 week ago

Fed Up Kyle Larson Dismisses Indy 500 Debut Questions With An Upbeat Verdict

While the Double attempt is stressful enough, it's the seemingly endless questions that are giving Kyle Larson a hard time.

1 week ago

“Mind Blowing”: A 2x Emmy Winner Reveals NASCAR’s Cultural Shock as an NFL Fan

In a discussion with Kevin Harvick, this 2-time Emmy-winning actor couldn't stop emphasizing the cultural difference between NASCAR and NFL.

1 week ago

Emotional Kyle Petty Drops Heavy-Hearted 5-Word Verdict Reminiscing Late Son’s Charlotte Victory

Discussing his late son's first and only win at ARCA race at Charlotte, Kyle Petty had an emotional yet fitting thing to say.

1 week ago

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