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Sagnik Ghosh is an NFL writer at EssentiallySports. His story of becoming an NFL writer is as interesting as his story of becoming an MMA practitioner. Coming from such a sport where athletes look to knock the brain cells off each other for a living, Sagnik resonates with the aggression that American Football offers. At EssentiallySports, Sagnik has picked up the most challenging in-depth write-ups. Coming with prior experience in sports journalism, Sagnik is skilled in breaking down complex plays. The art of storytelling has helped him connect well with the readers, as they often leave insightful takeaways about my on-spot analysis and sports research. He is an ardent fan of Russell Wilson, but when it comes to picking a side, the Miami Dolphins have his heart. During his time away from covering NFL teams and their entities, Sagnik Ghosh loves to immerse himself in striking his guitar strings to rock music.

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