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Sanu Abraham is an NFL writer at EssentiallySports. As a passionate football fan, he brings fresh perspectives and new ideas to the coverage of the sport and its many exciting personalities. He seeks to write lively and engaging articles that play to his expertise. Sanu has a postgraduate diploma in filmmaking and creative writing. A firm believer in the power of storytelling and a keen observer, Sanu likes to document moments that matter through his spirited journalism and image-making

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Who Is 24-Year-Old Jordon Hudson, Ex-Cheerleader Rumored to Be Bill Belichick’s Girlfriend? All About Their Relationship

Jordon Hudson, a 24-year-old ex-cheerleader, is rumored to be Bill Belichick's girlfriend. Discover more about their relationship and more.

1 hr ago

As Taylor Swift Closes 4289-Mile Gap, Travis Kelce’s Ex Kayla Nicole Follows ‘Post Break-Up Advice’

Taylor Swift closes a 4289-mile gap, while Travis Kelce’s ex Kayla Nicole sticks to 'post break-up advice.'

16 hrs ago

Russell Wilson Betrayed by Friend With Mike Tomlin Claim as Steelers OC Arthur Smith Pressures QB Room

Russell Wilson feels betrayed by a friend’s Mike Tomlin claim, while Steelers OC Arthur Smith intensifies QB room pressure.

17 hrs ago

Terry Fontenot Fined $50K for “Jaywalking” as NFL’s Roger Goodell Makes an Example of Falcons GM Per NFL Analyst

Roger Goodell fines Terry Fontenot $50K for "jaywalking," making an example of the Falcons GM, according to an NFL analyst.

17 hrs ago

Patrick Mahomes Declares ‘We Ain’t Done’ After Unexpected Flip Off With Travis Kelce at Super Bowl 58 Ring Ceremony

Patrick Mahomes vows "We ain't done" after a surprising moment with Travis Kelce at the Super Bowl 58 ring ceremony.

1 day ago

Commanders GM Adam Peters Calls Howie Roseman a ‘Pain in the Ass’ After Breaking NFL Draft Rule

Washington Commanders GM Adam Peters vents about Howie Roseman, labeling him a "pain in the ass" for breaking an NFL Draft rule.

1 day ago

“Why Don’t I Deserve That”: Dolphins’ Tua Tagovailoa to ‘Wreck’ Contract Talks With Joe Burrow Demand Thanks to Trevor Lawrence’s $275M Extension

Tua Tagovailoa aims to disrupt contract talks with a Joe Burrow-level demand, inspired by Trevor Lawrence's $275M extension.

1 day ago

After Worst NFL Season, Patrick Mahomes’ Worst Games Blamed on Boredom as Offensive Frustration Burdens Chiefs QB Per Chris Simms

Patrick Mahomes' subpar performances attributed to boredom, as frustration mounts over offensive struggles, according to Chris Simms.

1 day ago

Ex-Colorado Buffaloes Star Reveals How Bill Belichick ‘Sabotaged’ Jerod Mayo’s Career by Convincing His Wife for the Patriots Coaching Role

Former Colorado Buffaloes player alleges Bill Belichick influenced Mayo's coaching career by persuading his wife to support a Patriots role.

1 day ago

“[Russell Wilson] Is Going to Need God to Revive His Career”: Mike Tomlin Expected to ‘Kill’ Steelers QB’s Career Per Friend

Russell Wilson will need divine intervention, says a friend, predicting the Steelers coach Mike Tomlin will end the QB’s career.

1 day ago

Patrick Mahomes Roars at “Nasty” Matt Waldron Comparison After Flaunting Knuckleball Skills

Patrick Mahomes embraces his knuckleball skills, and roars back at the 'nasty' Matt Waldron comparison with confidence and flair.

2 days ago

Jason Kelce Protects Travis Kelce From Roger Goodell’s Wrath After Announcing Garage Beer Ownership

Older brother Jason Kelce shields Travis Kelce from Roger Goodell's ire after the two of them reveal their new ownership stake in Garage Beer

2 days ago

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